“I was scared of his handsomeness”: Not Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds’ Most Underrated Performance in $109M Horror Movie Almost Didn’t Happen Until Michael Bay Intervened

"I was scared of his handsomeness": Not Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds' Most Underrated Performance in $109M Horror Movie Almost Didn't Happen Until Michael Bay Intervened
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Ryan Reynolds is one of the most extraordinarily talented actors in Hollywood. Actors like Reynolds have a unique talent, as he transforms himself into his on-screen characters so well, leaving the audience starstruck with his cinematic genius. Whether playing physically challenging roles or pulling off comedic roles, the actor has proved that nothing is impossible for him. 


While dozens of his movies have grossed millions of dollars, there are several projects that he has done in his thriving career that have failed to earn decent numbers or didn’t receive satisfactory reviews from critics. In 2005, he appeared in the supernatural horror flick The Amityville Horror.

Despite his power-packed performance, it is considered one of his most underrated performances on the big screen. The film director Andrew Douglas once hailed his performance and revealed that producer Michael Bay suggested casting him in the project.


Michael Bay Suggested Casting Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay
Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay

Ryan Reynolds is easily one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today who exemplified those significant ingredients in his performances, which makes him an absolute delight to watch on the silver screen. The Vancouver native star began his career by appearing in television shows and steadily landed top-billing roles in big-budgeted blockbuster projects. Reynolds has earned critical acclaim and several top accolades throughout his career.

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The actor has built an impressive filmography. Nevertheless, few roles and movies of the star have been underrated and overlooked, and they failed to resonate with the audience and critics alike, like his 2005 film, which is a remake of the iconic 1979 horror movie The Amityville Horror.

Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror movies
Ryan Reynolds in The Amityville Horror

Many hailed his performance in the film, including the movie director Andrew Douglas, who once claimed that he was initially skeptical about his casting. In an interview, Douglas revealed that he was unsure about offering him the role of George Lutz, saying, 

“Much as I liked him, I was worried about him for so long because I thought he was bringing too much beauty and too much comedy to the piece. But actually, when we cast him, it just changed. His performance was chilling. What I was scared of was his handsomeness and his size, you know, he’s a beautiful looking man, but he just sold it so strongly that the very things I was scared of he just managed to, like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, make that even more creepy.”

The director continued,

“He used his physicality and his handsomeness to create something far more chilling than somebody who already looks mean. And I think that’s why Michael had the instinct to cast him.”

Andrew Douglas shared that film producer Michael Bay played a significant role behind his casting in the movie as he initially suggested his name for this role. 


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Ryan Reynolds Talks About His Experience Working in the Movie

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

In an interview, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds opened up about his experience working in this supernatural horror film. He claimed that there were a few spooky incidents that occurred while they were filming this movie, as he shared, 

 “There was some weird stuff that happened. A lot of the crew were waking up at 3:15 in the morning, which was when all these atrocities in the house took place each time. I think it was a subconscious thing. You read the script and suddenly pop awake at 3:15 in the morning.”

He continued,


“This, unlike a lot of remakes, is worthy of a remake. I think it is a movie that’s truly worth it. We stuck to the book, the Jay Anson novel, which was far more in-depth in a psychological sense. It really went into the psychology of George Lutz a little bit more, and we really enjoyed that.”

Andrew Douglas-directed American supernatural horror film has an A-list star ensemble cast featuring Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Jesse James, Jimmy Bennett, and Chloë Grace Moretz, among more. It received negative reviews from critics and grossed $109 million at the global box office against a budget of $19 million.

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The Amityville Horror is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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