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“I was simply collateral damage”: Jack Nicholson’s Secret Daughter Reveals Monstrous Dad’s Dark Secrets After Joker Actor Refused to Claim Her After Affair With Waitress 

“I was simply collateral damage”: Jack Nicholson’s Secret Daughter Reveals Monstrous Dad’s Dark Secrets After Joker Actor Refused to Claim Her After Affair With Waitress 

Jack Nicholson, the legendary Hollywood actor, has always been known for his enigmatic and charismatic persona. But behind that façade lies some dark secrets, which have recently been brought to light by Jack Nicholson’s secret daughter, Tessa Gourin. In a candid interview with The Daily Beast, Gourin revealed that Jack Nicholson refused to acknowledge her as his secret daughter after her mother, a waitress, had a fling with him.

Tessa Gourin, now 28, and her mother, Janine, always told her to keep her father’s identity a secret. But it was an open secret in Hollywood that Jack Nicholson was her father, and Gourin grew up feeling like she was like Annie (the orphan). Despite reportedly providing financial assistance to her, Nicholson has not been in contact with Gourin for many years, and she has been left to navigate life without him.

Acting Runs In The Genes

Jack Nicholson's daughter Tessa Gourin
Jack Nicholson’s secret daughter Tessa Gourin

Gourin, who shares her alleged father’s love of acting, is now seriously pursuing a career in the film industry. However, she was initially hesitant to enter the industry, fearing that people would think she was riding on her father’s coattails. But after years of feeling like she was not enough, Gourin has decided to embrace her position and use it to fuel her drive and passion for acting.

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Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson

In a recent essay for Newsweek, Gourin, titled “I’m Jack Nicholson’s Daughter – I Wish People Could Call Me a Nepo Baby,” expressed her frustration at being left on the sidelines while other celebrity children effortlessly secured roles or were signed to huge agencies.

“Having grown up without my father, I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched in frustration as other celebrity children have seamlessly secured roles or been signed to huge agencies.”

Tessa Gourin also believes that many “nepo babies” are missing out on an opportunity to use their privileged position to their advantage rather than complain about it. Gourin thinks it’s time for them to embrace their status.

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A Total Collateral Damage For Tessa Gourin

Tessa Gourin’s experience with her father has left her with mixed emotions. The aspiring actress admits that she does not know her father well, and he has not been present since she was a child. Her mother wanted her to have a relationship with Nicholson, but he was not interested. Gourin formed her own opinion that he was a complicated person, and she was simply collateral damage.

“I formed my own opinion. He’s a complicated person, and I think my mom fights her own demons, and with the combination of the two, I was simply collateral damage.”

Tessa Gourin
Jack Nicholson’s secret daughter Tessa Gourin

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Despite being estranged from her father, Gourin feels she inherited some of his traits. She describes herself as “f**king crazy” and not the poster child for sanity.

“I’m f**king crazy. I’m not the poster child for sanity, and I do think that’s a little similar to my dad, from what I’ve read.”

Tessa Gourin believes that she and her father have similar personalities, partly because she loves acting. She hopes to use her experiences and pain to connect with others and to create something meaningful.

Since the publication of the essay, Nicholson has not commented yet. Likewise, he does not appear interested in making peace with his love child. Since 2010, Nicholson has been a Hollywood pariah and has not appeared in a film.

Source: The Daily Beast

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