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“I was such an idiot”: Jennifer Lawrence Saved Pedro Pascal From Utter Humiliation After The Last of Us Star Tried to Bend the Rules at a Concert

"I was such an idiot": Jennifer Lawrence Saved Pedro Pascal From Utter Humiliation After The Last of Us Star Tried to Bend the Rules at a Concert

What is the connection between Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal? For starters, the two celebrities were recent guests on The Jimmy Fallon Show where they talked about their ongoing and future projects. But the association between the Silver Linings Playbook actor and the Narcos star goes beyond cinema and it’s an amusing one involving a high-profile concert.

Jimmy Fallon
Jennifer Lawrence on The Jimmy Fallon Show

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Jennifer Lawrence graciously came to Pedro Pascal’s rescue

Pedro Pascal spoke about many things during The Jimmy Fallon Show. But the most entertaining piece of news was his run-in with Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence at iconic band U2’s Joshua Tree concert. The Game of Thrones actor was invited by the writers of the show to attend the concert where The X-Men star was also present. Talking about his adulation and respect for Jennifer Lawrence, he says,

“I went, I was such an idiot, I saw her, I saw Jennifer Lawrence, we saw each other, we had a moment, and she said to me, ‘Narcos, right?'”I got so happy inside, and we started talking”

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal on The Jimmy Fallon Show

The Mandalorian actor went on the say that while he was a guest at the concert, he was clueless about where he had to be seated or the protocols to be followed. This is where Jennifer Lawrence graciously came to the rescue. Effusive in his praise for The Hunger Games actor, Pedro Pascal thanked her for not making him look like an idiot. To quote the star,

“And the show started, and there was a special, special, special place to see the show, and we thought that if we lingered around, they would let us in. We didn’t have the green bracelet, or pink one, or whatever it was. But, they wouldn’t let us in, and she was like ‘They’re with us,’ and then they let us in. Thank you, Jennifer.”

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Pedro Pascal and Jennifer Lawrence have some exciting projects lined up

Pedro Pascal as Javier Pena in Narcos

Both Pedro Pascal and Jennifer Lawrence are eagerly looking forward to their future projects and so are their fans. Jennifer Lawrence will be seen in No Hard Feelings, directed by Gene Stupnitsky and produced by the actor herself under her production company label, Excellent Cadaver. The film is expected to be a coming-of-age comedy.  Pedro Pascal on the other hand is riding high with the success of The Last of Us while also reprising his role as Javier Pena for the next season of the hit web series Narcos.

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