“I was the lead. Denzel was a stage prop”: Morgan Freeman Broke a Lot of Hearts after Brutally Roasting Denzel Washington at Awards Show

Morgan Freeman Broke a Lot of Hearts after Brutally Roasting Denzel Washington at Awards Show
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Being one of Hollywood’s finest, Morgan Freeman is best known for his deep voice, charming persona, and acclaimed projects. But there’s one lesser-known thing, and that’s his friendship with the veteran A-lister Denzel Washington. Nonetheless, despite a deep friendship, Freeman didn’t hesitate to roast Washington at an award show. 

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman

Using his witty sense of humor, Morgan Freeman recalled a movie where he starred alongside Denzel Washington and openly roasted the actor by calling him a “stage prop”. However, although their friendship is beyond people’s understanding, Freeman probably broke some hearts with his brutal comments. 

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Morgan Freeman Openly Roasted Denzel Washington 

Being friends with Denzel Washington for decades, Morgan Freeman seems to have developed a weird bond and a bizarre sense of humor with the veteran actor. Thus, appearing on stage during AFI 2019, as shared by TNT, Freeman shared a hilarious story from 1979 and openly roasted Washington. 

40 years ago, 1979, Denzel and I were in a Joseph Papp production of ‘Coriolanus’. I was the lead. Denzel was a stage prop.” 

Morgan Freeman
Freeman recalled a story about Denzel Washington

Recalling his story, Freeman further proceeded to explain how he roasted his friend when they first met on the sets of Coriolanus (1979). Earning laughter with the heartfelt story of his friendship with Washington, The Shawshank Redemption actor later mentioned how he trolled the actor for questioning and suggesting changes surrounding their sword fight scene.  

I told him this- ‘You’re that brilliant young actor just out of Fordham University. That was a great suggestion. Joe Papp never thought of it. Hell, Shakespeare didn’t think of that one! Clearly, you know better than the two of them how this thing should be staged.’” 

Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman
Freeman and Washington met on the set of Coriolanus (1979)

Continuing his story further, Morgan Freeman added, 


‘What a fine eye for action- I think you have a bright career ahead of you. And I hope one day to perhaps work with you in a film. But until then, you get back where you belong. When you come out on stage, we click sword three times, I stab you, and you fall down and die’

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Morgan Freeman Congratulated His Old Time Friend 

Disclosing how he roasted Denzel Washington during their time of Coriolanus (1979), Morgan Freeman almost took advantage of his superiority on set. However, years later, the duo became great friends despite all odds and share a weird sense of camaraderie. Thus, even after publically roasting Washington, the actor laughed at Freeman’s story. 

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman openly roasted his longtime friend

Eventually, after sharing the good old memories with the audiences during AFI 2019, Morgan Freeman proceeded to bring tears to Washington’s eyes with his heartfelt praises. Honored with the AFI Life Achievement Award, Denzel Washington was deeply touched by his best friend’s heartwarming congratulatory speech. 


Now I’m much too young to remember the very first AFI Life Achievement Award back in 1973. But I’m pretty sure of this – When they created this award, Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. was waiting in the wings. Denzel, my dear friend, congratulations.”

Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman
Freeman congratulated Washington for his achievement

Praising his companion for his achievement, Morgan Freeman ended his speech on a heartfelt note and brought tears to everybody’s eyes. Eventually, after sharing the hilarious story and openly appreciating Washington, Freeman proved his true friendship with the veteran star. 

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