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“I was utterly shocked and just kicked to the kerb”: Unlike Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan Was Pissed With How He Left James Bond

"I was utterly shocked and just kicked to the kerb": Unlike Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan Was Pissed With How He Left James Bond

The James Bond franchise has been staying strong for over six decades with enthralling adventures that fans can’t skip but get hooked. While several factors make a franchise successful, the 007 legacy continued to flow through different actors who portrayed the role. Adding their own charm to the film series, actor Daniel Craig was the last one fans saw who played the iconic role in No Time To Die. 

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

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Though he decided to eventually let go of the role for the next successor to continue the franchise, his predecessor, Pierce Brosnan had a different case. He was last seen in the 2004 film, Die Another Day which was a commercial success but he was eventually let go by the franchise.

Pierce Brosnan’s Negotiations With The James Bond Franchise Were of No Avail!

Pierce Brosnan starred in 4 films as James Bond.
Pierce Brosnan starred in 4 films as James Bond.

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The now 70-year-old actor, Pierce Brosnan starred in four films as the titular character in the James Bond film series. He opened up about how he was let go by the franchise in the coldest manner possible.

In a tell-all book about the franchise, titled Some Kind Of Hero: The Remarkable Story Of The James Bond Films by Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury, the actor shared his journey of exiting the films.

“I was in the Bahamas, working on a movie called ‘After The Sunset’ and my agents called me up and said, ‘Negotiations have stopped. [Producers Barbara Broocoli and Michael Wilson] are not quite sure what they want to do.”

As per the authors, the actor was demanding higher pay for the fifth film. The negotiations were not working which led to his exit.

Pierce Brosnan Did Not Like The Way He Left The James Bond Franchise

Pierce Brosnan voiced Dr. Fate in Black Adam (2022).
Irish actor, Pierce Brosnan

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He further added that the actor got a call which eventually was how he separated from the franchise.

He continued,

“They’ll call you next Thursday. I sat in Richard Harris’s house in the Bahamas, and Barbara and Michael were on the line —‘we’re so sorry.’ She was crying, Michael was stoic and he said, ‘You were a great James Bond. Thank you very much,’ and I said, ‘Thank you very much. Goodbye.’ That was it.”

He was shocked as he never expected things to turn out like that.

“I was utterly shocked and just kicked to the curb with the way it went down.”

It was indeed a cold way of departing as the Black Adam had worked for seven years with his last film in the franchise, Die Another Day was the highest-grossing James Bond film up to that time. While his negotiations were not working, the producers looking for a new direction to reboot the franchise added more weightage that ultimately shaped his exit.

He was replaced by Daniel Craig who worked in five films for the franchise with his portrayal in the last movie, No Time to Die which came out in 2021.

All of the classics in the franchise are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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