“I wasn’t always like this”: Hollywood’s Heartthrob Ana de Armas Admits Her Ex-lovers Ghosted Her Before She Was Famous

"I wasn't always like this": Hollywood’s Heartthrob Ana de Armas Admits Her Ex-lovers Ghosted Her Before She Was Famous
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Ana de Armas is definitely a heartthrob, though she started her acting career a bit late, her immense talent and hard work made up for that lost time and she also rose up the ladder to be one of the finest actors of today’s generation. Unlike many of today’s celebrities who have everything served to them on a silver platter, de Armas had pretty harsh childhood days, with no internet and limited knowledge she really built herself from her hometown in Cuba to be an international celebrity.


Just like many others, Ana de Armas also had a pretty good dating life, until her boyfriends ghosted her that is, is what she shared during an interview alongside Chris Evans. Though it is common for breakups and ghosting others, in her case it can only be seen as all those ex-lovers’ loss since nowadays there are only handpicked beauties as the Cuban-Spanish actress.

Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas

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Ana de Armas Was Habituated To Being Ghosted

Ana de Armas is arguably one of the most beautiful actresses in the Hollywood industry and with that beauty comes extremely well-polished acting skills which earned her a place in Hollywood. Though she made her debut with a small role in a romantic-drama movie, Una rosa de Francia in 2006, after Ana de Armas arrived in Hollywood, she quickly made her way to the top and is currently living in the upper echelons of the Hollywood industry.

She played some major roles in many big franchises and has earned the fame and respect she receives from people from all over the world. Her starring in Knives Out was a major game changer for her as she received immense praise for it and the movie was also a major box office success.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in a still from Ghosted
Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in Ghosted

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During an interview with MovieZine, both Ana de Armas and Chris Evans were questioned about their upcoming movie, Ghosted, and were asked if they ever ghosted anyone or if have they ever been ghosted by someone. Chris Evans answered that he has never ghosted anyone, at least to his knowledge he didn’t but who knows.

The real fun was when the Knock Knock actress replied with, “I have, and I have”, she continues, “I must have been, come on yeah”, to which the interviewer replies, “Their loss obviously”, and both of the actors start laughing. It was a joyous situation until the actress dropped the reality bomb with, “I wasn’t always like this” which makes everyone on the set laugh.

Ghosted: Chris Evans and Ana de Armas’ Upcoming Movie

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas really make a good pair in front of the screen as their first movie together, Knives Out was one of the best movies out there related to crime-detective-mystery, the movie was critically acclaimed and received the love and support of the people due to its out of the box script, especially Daniel Craig’s part in the movie was loved by everyone. The movie earned a massive $312 million at the box office after its release worldwide with a budget of $40 million and was also one of the best movies of 2019. So overall it was a win for the movie with multiple awards and nominations under its belt.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in Knives Out
Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in Knives Out

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The pair, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are teaming up again to star in an upcoming movie Ghosted, which is already in its post-production stage and is getting ready to be released. The movie will be an action-packed comedy-adventure type movie with intense fight scenes and lovey-dovey romantic scenarios. While no further details for the movie have been released, it is expected to be a great one with Skydance Media and Apple Studios backing it up. Ghosted will also have famous actors like Adrien Brody, Lizze Broadway, Mike Moh, and many others.

Ghosted drops on Apple TV+ on April 21, 2023.


Source: MikeZine | Youtube

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