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“I wasn’t complaining”: Idris Elba Had to Kiss ‘Obsessed’ Star Beyonce in the First 20 Minutes of Meeting Her in $73M Movie

"I wasn't complaining": Idris Elba Had to Kiss 'Obsessed' Star Beyonce in the First 20 Minutes of Meeting Her in $73M Movie

Beyonce, not only performs as a singer, but is also a celebrated dancer, performer, and actress. The stunning diva is one of the best performers of her generation. And it won’t be wrong to say that her diehard fans turn out in droves to see her perform live. Well, for her fans, the chance to meet the music icon is definitely a dream come true.

Now, picture having the opportunity to kiss her! Yes, the Crazy in Love singer once had a strong interest in acting, and thus, appeared in the 2009 film, Obsessed, directed by Steve Shill. She shared the screen with Idris Elba, best known for portraying Stringer Bell in the HBO series, The Wire.

However, it didn’t take long after their initial meeting for them to get intimate for the film.


The 50-year-old English actor and DJ once revealed that he had to kiss the CUFF IT singer within the first ’20 minutes’ of meeting her.

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Idris Elba Kissed Beyonce Within The First ’20 Minutes’ Of Their Meeting 

It might surprise you as a fan of both Idris Elba and Beyonce, to learn that they had to share an intimate kiss when they first met. The kissing scene was uncomfortable for Elba, who played Beyonce’s character’s husband, but it was required for the plot of the film.

Still, the Beast actor only praised the Epic actress’ professionalism and commitment to her work, saying that she made it easy and comfortable for him. Many of their fans have expressed surprise and admiration for the way they acted in the film. Some have even referred to the kiss and their chemistry in the film as steamy but realistic.


Hence, there was a noticeable rapport between the two on set that eventually led to their cordial relationship that endures to this day.

Beyoncé in Obsessed
Beyoncé and Idris Elba in Obsessed

Beyoncé and Elba both always wanted to work together. Although their meeting went well enough, it took a slightly awkward turn because they had to make out right away. 

According to Contact Music, the Luther star once confessed: 

“It was weird when I met her [Beyoncé]– within 20 minutes we had to kiss. I wasn’t complaining. It was full on, we had to do these pictures for the wall and it was full on kissing. I was like, ‘Oh god, I’m kissing Beyoncé, I can’t believe it.’”

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How Idris Elba Helped Beyoncé In Obsessed?

Beyonce had already been steadily adding movies to her resume, including Dreamgirls. And the Grammy-winning artist got yet another chance to showcase her talent as an actor with Obsessed.

The 41-year-old singer, songwriter, and businesswoman was able to express her emotions in a way through the genre that she wasn’t able to do with her other films. She once shared in an interview with Larry King:

“I actually like it a lot more. You know, I still like — it’s easier for me. And I guess it’s because I hold so many things in, because I always have to be so professional. And I work very, very hard. So all of those things that — all of the things that I hold in, I’m able to — to let out when I do movies. And it’s really just exhilarating for me to release all of that, you know, when I do dramatic roles.”

How Idris Elba Helped Beyoncé With Her Acting In Obsessed
How Idris Elba Helped Beyoncé With Her Acting In Obsessed

The Pink Panther actress also gave Idris Elba credit for supporting her in the role (in Obsessed), and she was nothing but complimentary of him.

“He’s [Idris Elba] amazing. And, you know, he brought out a lot of wonderful things in my performance. And, you know, he is a student and a great teacher. And we’ve spent a lot of time just with the two of us going back and forth with the script and making adjustments and making it our own, I learned so much working from him.”

Well, even though Elba’s confession that he had to kiss Beyonce within 20 minutes of their meeting shocked many fans, it’s a testament to the dedication that actors put into their work. 

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Source- Contact Music

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