“I went through a little bit of a depression”: 1883 Star Faith Hill Couldn’t Process Her Life After Show Ended, Claimed Filming Was Too “Severe and Grueling”

1883 Star Faith Hill Couldn’t Process Her Life After Show Ended, Claimed Filming Was Too “Severe and Grueling”
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Faith Hill, an accomplished performer, recently spoke with ET’s Cassie DiLaura about her experiences on Taylor Sheridan’s popular television show 1883. Hill and McGraw respectively play the roles of James and Margaret Dutton as they travel over the Great Plains. Hill discussed how the production affected her emotionally and professionally, as well as the difficulties she encountered throughout the demanding six-month filming schedule.


Filming 1883 Was a Once-in-a-Lifetime Challenge for Faith Hill

Faith Hill was honest about the difficult circumstances of the shoot, saying her time there was a “once-in-a-lifetime experience.” The actors and crew had to put in a lot of effort for the series, which stretched everyone to their limits. Hill described the filming schedule as “severe” and “grueling,” attributing these challenges to the intensity of the program and the team’s collective commitment.

In her interview with ET, Hill acknowledged  that she went through a period of depression once the filming was finished, stating,


“I went through a little bit of a depression, I have to say, for a couple of weeks I was just really sad.”

Hill talked fondly of the experience despite the emotional cost, praising the wonderful friendships she built with the cast and crew.

Faith Hill in 1883
Faith Hill in 1883

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Why Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Took on 1883 Together?

James and Margaret Dutton are depicted by actors Hill and McGraw in the prequel miniseries 1883 to the hugely successful Yellowstone. Hill gave an explanation of why they had decided to assume these obligations jointly and said he considered it a blessing and felt very fortunate for it to have fallen into our laps.


To effectively portray their characters, Hill and McGraw made the decision to keep their personal and professional lives apart. According to Hill in ET,

“We discussed other scenes but not ones we were in together.”

The importance of the public viewing them as James and Margaret Dutton rather than McGraw and Hill was emphasized by Tim McGraw, who reiterated his wife’s remarks. He disclosed that the fact that the cameras were already running when he initially met Hill as her character Margaret added to the realism of their performances.

It took a lot of effort for Faith Hill to play Margaret Dutton. She talked about how difficult it was to leave her character’s attitude and go back to being a real-life wife and mother.


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1883-Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
1883-Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw a Dynamic Duo On and Off the Stage?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Hill and McGraw, who have been married for 26 years, have not only worked on acting projects together but have also frequently performed on stage together and toured as musicians. Tim has been in several films, Hill gushed as she lauded her husband’s acting prowess. He is a maestro onstage with others as well as a terrific actor.

Faith Hill’s extraordinary transition from the stage to television in 1883 exemplifies her versatility and commitment as an artist, winning her acclaim and respect from both fans and critics.


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