“I will never be James Bond”: Henry Cavill Has Some Tough Competition For James Bond Role, Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe is Not One of Them

"I will never be James Bond": Henry Cavill Has Some Tough Competition For James Bond Role, Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe is Not One of Them

Henry Cavill is still in the run to play the next James Bond after Daniel Craig stepped away from the role. He already missed out on the opportunity once and is now trying his level best to not let that happen once again. Out of the very many actors trying out for the role, other than Cavill, Aaron Taylor Johnson is the one that is shining the most.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Although many actors have their eye on the role, there are few who are sure that even if they try to audition for James Bond, there won’t be a solid chance of them making it through. One such actor also happens to Daniel Radcliffe, who is sure that he can never play the role of a spy.

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Daniel Radcliffe Will Never Play James Bond?

Daniel Radcliffe, in the past, has talked about the possibility of him taking up the role of 007. The Harry Potter star talked about how when he is out and about in America, people tend to tell him that he would be a good James Bond after hearing his accent. Radcliffe played a toy character in the movie Playmobil: The Movie who was quite similar to the British spy.

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Daniel Radcliffe speaks up about his Harry Potter movies
Daniel Radcliffe speaks up about his Harry Potter movies

“When people meet me in America and hear my English accent, they say, ‘You should play James Bond.” he continued, “I know, and everyone here knows, I will never be James Bond, but playing a Bond-like Playmobil character felt much more likely!”

He went on to say that he does not see himself playing James Bond and believes that people agree with him. He also added that he thinks the closest he can get to playing this character is to be a toy version of him.

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Is Another Harry Potter Actor Interested in Playing James Bond?

While Harry Potter himself is not interested in playing James Bond, seems like Draco Malfoy is. Tom Felton has been quite vocal about his interest in playing 007. He stated that playing this character would be an incredibly big thing for him.

Tom Felton
Tom Felton

“I like playing the goodie, but I don’t really look to play a good guy or a bad guy. I like playing people who are different to me – the further away they are from home, the more fun it is to play.” He added “But James Bond would be the ultimate dream. The first film I had, when I was seven years old, was James Bond. That was all I had on my mind.“

The star talked about how if he were to play James Bond, it would be quite an emotional full-circle moment for him as his first movie when he was 7, was also a James Bond movie.

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