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“I will never work with him again”: Bruce Willis Insulted Director Michael Bay For Screaming at Actors While Shooting $554 Million Movie

"I will never work with him again": Bruce Willis Insulted Director Michael Bay For Screaming at Actors While Shooting $554 Million Movie

When it comes to the hardcore action flicks of the late 80s and 90s Hollywood, there are a few names that strike the smell of pulse-pounding and engaging adventures, and Hollywood star Bruce Willis is one of them. Revered as one of the best action film stars of his generation, he has maintained his reputation for delivering on the demands of his fans.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

Through and through, the star has delivered some of the finest and commercially successful films in the industry with many different stars and directors, but it seems like there are a few that he didn’t have a pleasant experience with. One prominent name that Willis openly admits to never working with again is none other than the very successful director Michael Bay.

Bruce Willis Didn’t Enjoy Working With Michael Bay In Armageddon

Bruce Willis in a still from Armageddon
Bruce Willis in a still from Armageddon

Despite being one of the best actors from the good old days, Bruce Willis openly admitted that the people that he worked with on these projects were a major part of his films’ success. Especially popular for his superhits like Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, and The Sixth Sense, Willis also had Armageddon to thank for his illustrious resume as it was one of his most successful films. But if we talk about how he felt making that film, he would always go to his experience working with director Michael Bay and how he didn’t like any of it.

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During an interview, the Expendables 2 star talked about his experience working on the 1998 blockbuster when he revealed that he was left with a bad taste in his mouth after collaborating with the Transformers director. Though this was his first time working with Bay, it would also become his last as Willis recalled how he behaved with the rest of the crew. Thus, Willis made up his mind to never work with the director again in his career. He said:

“Few people will work with him now, and I know I will never work with him again, It was a great crew, but a screaming director does not make for a pleasant set experience. But look, we were all big boys, and we got through it.”

And sticking true to his word, Bruce Willis was never seen collaborating with Bay, even till the present day.

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What Made Armageddon A Blockbuster?

A still from Armageddon
A still from Armageddon

The appeal of Armageddon still holds to this day because it was a film that was, in many ways, a timeless disaster film done to near perfection. A ragtag team of individuals aboard a space shuttle trying to save mankind from disaster is a storyline that was glorified through this film. Along with that, the gravity of the situation is always reminded to us through the consistent destruction of cities all over the world, which keeps the audience on their toes at every moment of the run time.

Along with that, the musical scores as well as VFX were something that brought a breath of fresh air into the industry. Thus, the film became the superhit it’s revered as today.

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Armageddon, streaming on HBO Max

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