“I wish but no”: Deadpool & Wolverine Featuring Ben Affleck as Marvel Superhero Rumor Debunked

Ben Affleck was rumored to appear in Deadpool & Wolverine... as Batman!

"I wish but no": Deadpool & Wolverine Featuring Ben Affleck as Marvel Superhero Rumor Debunked


  • Ben Affleck is an iconic actor who has portrayed the role of Batman in Zack Snyder's DCEU.
  • With Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's upcoming MCU film Deadpool & Wolverine on the verge of release, a certain rumor began spreading.
  • The rumor (which has now been debunked) claimed that Ben Affleck will appear in the MCU film... as Batman.
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It was in 2021 when rumors of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire joining Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home turned out to be true. Well, a similar situation has now arisen with Deadpool & Wolverine but this time it’s… what? (let me check my notes).


So, there have been rumors that Ben Affleck will appear in Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s upcoming MCU film Deadpool & Wolverine as a Marvel superhero. As bizarre as this sounds, a notable insider was quick to debunk this rumor.

Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman Deadpool & Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine

Ben Affleck Joined The MCU After Justice League?

As funny as it sounds, the reality is something different. Having portrayed the role of Batman in Zack Snyder’s DCEU for 3 movies (4, if you count Josstice League), fans had familiarized Batman with Affleck… until his departure from the DCU.

Ben Affleck Batman Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/ Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

From what we can see, Deadpool & Wolverine is going to be one heck of a movie. With characters appearing both from the MCU and the X-Men universe as well, the duo of Reynolds and Jackman won’t be left alone to their bromance. On the other hand, there were rumors that Ben Affleck was also a part of the movie! A notable insider who goes by the name of @MyTimeToShineH  took to his X (formerly Twitter) to clarify this rumor.

With the rumor debunked, fans couldn’t help themselves but have a bit of fun with the idea of Batman in Deadpool & Wolverine. Taking to X, here’s what fans had to say about the rumor.



Imagine Batman fighting ET though! But the sad part is that Ben Affleck will not be appearing as Batman (or any character) in MCU’s upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine. Speaking of Affleck, the actor didn’t have much of a good time portraying Batman in Justice League!

Ben Affleck Wasn’t Happy With His Batman Role In The DCEU!

Ben Affleck Batman
Ben Affleck had a great script for his solo Batman film

Despite giving a marvelous performance in the DCEU, Ben Affleck seemed to be troubled by several problems while filming Justice League. In an interview with EW, the actor revealed that he wasn’t that happy to put on the role of the caped crusader of Gotham.


“I had a really nadir experience around Justice League for a lot of different reasons. Not blaming anybody, there’s a lot of things that happened. But really what it was is that I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like being there. I didn’t think it was interesting.”

He further continued,

“But, that’s when I was like, I’m not going to do that anymore. In fact, I talked to you [Matt Damon] about it, and you were a principal influence on that decision.”

In the end, Affleck finished the role of Batman by appearing in the DCEU and his eventual departure from the DCU. Starring in the iconic role of Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League are available to stream on Max in the U.S.


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