“I would have liked very much if we had…”: Moon Knight Director Wanted ‘Hulk Character’ in the Show – Will Season 2 Do the Deed?

The director of Moon Knight, Mohamed Diab, wanted to add a Hulk-like character to the series because of the similarities between the two

Moon Knight Director Wanted ‘Hulk Character’ in the Show – Will Season 2 Do the Deed


  • Moon Knight is one of most acclaimed Marvel series for its acting by Oscar Isaac and direction by Mohamed Diab
  • But the director wanted to add an element to the series, which was a Hulk-like character
  • Though he failed to do so in the first season, it could be possible if there is a season 2 of Moon Knight
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Deemed as one of the most spectacular television series Marvel has created to date, Moon Knight gave fans something different and new.


By bringing the incredible superhero, filmmaker Mohamed Diab captivated worldwide audiences with Oscar Isaac’s remarkable performance. But there was something else that Diab wanted to include in the series — another character from the MCU.

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab
Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab

This ‘another character’ was a ‘Hulk character’ that the Clash director wanted to include in the television series.


However, since he couldn’t add the character in the first season, perhaps the next season of Moon Knight will do this good deed and bless Marvel fans with more of Diab’s extraordinary works, which could include a Hulk character this time. Here’s what Mohamed Diab has to say.

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Mohamed Diab Wanted To Include A ‘Hulk Character’ In Moon Knight


While Mohamed Diab did amazing work with season one of Moon Knight, he still feels he has left behind some of his heartiest plans for the character. This included wanting to create a character like Marvel’s Hulk in the show.


During the Saudi Film Forum in Riyadh, the Marvel in Arabic team got the opportunity to hold a one-on-one interview with the first-ever Arabic director in the history of MCU. There, Diab shared the characters from Marvel that he wished to bring to the series. He told to Arabic Marvel:

“I would have liked it very much if we had created a Hulk character. Do you know why? Because Hulk has two personalities, and Moon Knight has two personalities. So imagine that it is possible for the two to be friends and there will be a mess. You are the owner of this and I cannot stand it. The messy relationship and who can be the owner of who among the four.”

Although that was a brilliant idea indeed, Diab couldn’t go forward with it for some reasons of his own. However, fans are still hopeful that season two of Moon Knight will do the director the honors and execute his heartfelt wish of including a Hulk-like character in it.

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Will Mohamed Diab Include A Hulk-like Character In Moon Knight Season 2?

Marvel's Moon Knight (2022)
Marvel’s Moon Knight (2022)

While most MCU fans would want filmmaker Mohamed Diab to include his heartfelt wish and include a character similar to Hulk in season two of Moon Knight, it seems the director isn’t too sure about it himself. In fact, as Diab revealed, the next season of the series hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet.

Furthermore, since Marvel maintains utter secrecy, Diab wasn’t even able to print the script of the show until a week before the shoot started for season one. For this reason, as well, the Egyptian director can’t make any promises as of yet. Continuing in the interview, the Amira filmmaker said (via Arabic Marvel):

“Personally, I was dying to know what he was going to do, and this is the story of every one of those who work for him. Imagine how she is the third person when he communicates with them. How will they act? The triple mess between them will work. They are starting to get used to each other, and this seems like a second disaster at all.” 

It turns out fans will have to wait until season two of Moon Knight gets confirmed and makes it to the streaming to know if Mohamed Diab actually ends up including a Hulk-like character in the fan-favorite series or not.


You can stream Moon Knight season 1 on Disney+.

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