“I would in a second”: Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Director Was Refused Man of Steel 2 With Henry Cavill as Dead Reckoning Debuts With 98% Ahead of Release

"I would in a second": Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible Director Was Refused Man of Steel 2 With Henry Cavill as Dead Reckoning Debuts With 98% Ahead of Release
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Christopher McQuarrie is a highly acclaimed director known for his exceptional storytelling skills and meticulous attention to detail. With a strong background in screenwriting, McQuarrie, known for his Mission Impossible films, brings a unique perspective to his directing style, creating compelling narratives that captivate audiences. He gained widespread recognition for his work on the film The Usual Suspects, which earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. 

Christopher McQuarrie
Mission: Impossible -Dead Reckoniing Part One director Christopher McQuarrie

McQuarrie’s collaborations with actor Tom Cruise, including Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Mission: Impossible – Fallout, have further solidified his reputation. His directorial prowess and commitment to delivering high-quality films have established him as a prominent figure in the industry. 

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Christopher McQuarrie Was Rumored To Direct Man of Steel 2

Previous speculations suggested that the director was in the running to take the reins of DC films, particularly for Man of Steel 2. However, in an interview with Screen Rant, Christopher McQuarrie disclosed his enthusiasm for collaborating with Henry Cavill, expressing his eagerness to seize such an opportunity.

Henry Cavill
Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill

“To me, I’m interested in a good story. That’s really what it is. I mean, when Man of Steel came up, it was because somebody had asked me, did I want to work with Henry again. Which I would in a second. I go through the door that opens,” he said.

McQuarrie’s association with another DC film, Green Lantern Corps, was also a subject of speculation, with rumors of his frequent collaborator Tom Cruise potentially taking on a leading role. 

“You know, I got to say, Tom and I have never talked about it. We always kind of talk about what we’re working on or what we’re talking about working on next. I think, again, I think if you show them a good story, I think if you showed him a really emotional story, I don’t think, you know, it’s, I can never predict. I can never predict what it is he’s going to be drawn to.”

However, the director clarified that he and Cruise never engaged in any discussions regarding the project.


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Christopher McQuarrie’s New Mission: Impossible Gets 98% Rating

Christopher McQuarrie’s latest, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, is off to a promising start, with a 98% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is important to note that this score may fluctuate as more reviews are added. During last year’s CinemaCon, McQuarrie shed light on the significance behind the title Dead Reckoning for the upcoming film.

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise
Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise

“When I came up with the title, I knew it applied more to Part Two than it did to Part One, which is why it eventually settled on being Part One and Part Two,” McQuarrie told Light the Fuse. “The title for the first movie was nearly … a title that referred to something like a Ghost Protocol kind of thing; it was a government policy – It wasn’t a government policy, it was a government, what would you call it? A government measure of last resort, with catastrophic consequences.”

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One will release in theaters on July 12.


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