“I would rather it not get made than be made with another director”: Taylor Sheridan Was Ready to Shelve His 1 Movie Forever if His Only Demand Wasn’t Fulfilled

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan revealed that he was prepared to pass on making Wind River had the studio not granted him one wish.

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  • Prolific television producer Taylor Sheridan wrote and directed 2017's Wind River, starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in the lead roles.
  • During an interview, Sheridan revealed he was ready to shelve the project if he wasn't permitted to direct, especially because of his personal connection to the story.
  • Sheridan also explained why he considered Wind River his directorial debut despite having one previous feature film credited to him as a director.
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Taylor Sheridan has become one of the most prolific television producers of recent times, with the Yellowstone Universe entries and several other shows proving to be a massive success. However, aside from producing quality television, Sheridan has also lent his talents to some of the most critically acclaimed films.


Taylor Sheridan [Credit: Paramount Network]
Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan wrote and directed 2017’s Wind River (Credit: Paramount Network).
In 2017, Sheridan wrote and directed the neo-Western crime film Wind River, which was a critical and commercial success. However, during an interview, Sheridan revealed that he was prepared to shelve the project if the studio did not meet his only condition for making the movie. Here is what Sheridan demanded for making Wind River.

Taylor Sheridan Reveals His Only Condition to Make Wind River

After a brief acting career, Taylor Sheridan turned his focus on writing in the 2010s, serving as a screenwriter for acclaimed movies such as 2015’s Sicario and 2016’s Hell or High Water. Sheridan then wrote and directed Wind River, starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in the lead roles.

Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner in Wind River
Taylor Sheridan was set to abandon Wind River if he couldn’t direct it (Credit: Lionsgate).

During a 2017 interview with Interview Magazine, Sheridan spoke about also directing the movie after having served as a writer on his previous two projects. Sheridan revealed that he always knew he was going to direct the project and that was the only condition he kept in front of the studio.

I always knew that this one I would direct. I would rather it not get made than be made with another director.

Sheridan made the above statement revealing that he was unwilling to make the movie with someone other than him in the director’s chair.

Sheridan further explained that the story was personal to him and he had promised his friends on the reservation that it would be made in a certain way. As a result, Sheridan had a predetermined vision for the film, which he wanted to execute. The writer-director admitted that while other directors were better than him, he was convinced only he could do justice to the story.


Taylor Sheridan Talks Making His True Directorial Debut With Wind River

In addition to being a creator, Taylor Sheridan played Travis Wheatley in Yellowstone
Taylor Sheridan considers Wind River his directorial debut (Credit: Yellowstone / Paramount Network).

During the same interview, Sheridan also spoke about choosing Wind River to make his formal directorial debut. Although technically Sheridan had directed another feature film before Wind River, he considered the latter his debut.

He called me the director, but this wasn’t any kind of professional production—it was generous to call me that.

Sheridan made the above statement regarding the 2011 horror film Vile, which credits him as the director.

The film was written and produced by one of his friends who was set to serve as the director. However, Sheridan’s friend became overwhelmed with the responsibilities of directing shortly before production started. As a result, his friend turned to Sheridan for help and later credited him as the director to express his gratitude. Therefore, Sheridan stated that did not consider that film a debut of any sort.


Wind River is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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