Iconic 70s Horror Movies That Changed The Genre Forever


Whatever the decade be, the genre of horror is tough to nail. However, the ’70s was a decade of horror movies that went “Challenge Accepted!” The ’70s was indeed a golden decade for horror movies. Here are some of the most iconic horror movies from the ’70s that changed the genre forever!

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The Exorcist: One of the most legendary movies from the decade of the ’70s! Regan starts acting all eerie after playing with an Ouija board; it turns out, she’s possessed! The movie’s premise is about the events that occur to exorcise the demon out of her. Full of jumpscares and some truly horrifying scenes, this movie is a true masterpiece of the ’70s!

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: One of the most classic horror films of all time! When Franklin, Sally, and their friends get stranded on the road, they don’t expect what’s coming next. One after one, they are murdered by a psycho chainsaw-wielding man and his family in the most horrifying way! What makes it scarier is that the movie was based on real-life events!

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The Omen: There is something about the combination of children and the devil that just gives you the creeps! The Omen follows the story of the supernatural events that start taking place when a family adopts a child. What’s eerie about this kid is not known but creates hell for everyone around him.

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Jaws: Another classic from the ’70s! Jaws broke some actual records in the ’70s and still remains a blockbuster. The story follows the trio of a marine biologist, a fisherman, and a police chief. These three come together to unclench the island of Amity from the jaws of a blood-thirsty shark!

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Alien: It won’t be incorrect to say that the era of alien terror commenced with this movie. Ridley Scott’s landmark movie continues to stir minds with the horror of the unknown! The film is about how a space crew set out to check on a planet only to have their ship invaded by a terrifying alien!

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Carrie: Okay, ghosts might be scary, but they can’t beat teenagers! When Carrie, a teenage girl, finds out that she has telekinetic powers, her life changes. On her prom night, she decides to use her telekinesis to teach a lesson to everyone who pranked her ruthlessly!

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The Vampire Lovers: Okay, everything about vampires is intriguing. But what about a lesbian vampire who seduces her lovers to death? Creepy, right? Also, don’t forget that this movie came out with an LGBTQ vampire in the ’70s, which should really make us wonder what are we waiting for?!

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Hausu: Hausu is a horror-comedy that is not to everyone’s liking, but that’s precisely how cult classics are! Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, this Japanese horror flick is one of the most creative and quirky movies ever created! 

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Black Christmas: Christmas is all about cheer and joy! But this movie is precisely the opposite of what you would want a Christmas movie to be like. A call by an unknown person who threatens a group of girls from a sorority goes real serious when kidnappings and murders start happening. With all the terror that these girls face, Christmas had never been so dark before!

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Dawn Of The Dead: The ’70s was a pioneer for many things, and one can’t leave quality zombie movies out of the list! As an army of zombies takes over America, the people try to flee in terror. Amongst this terror is also Stephen, Francine, Roger, and Pete, who proceed towards a closed shopping center to escape the dawn of the dead!

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