“I’d fight you”: Chris Hemsworth’s UFC Comment Made Logan Paul Challenge Him to a Duel, 6ft 3in Thor Star Never Responded Back

Chris Hemsworth’s UFC Comment Made Logan Paul Challenge Him to a Duel, 6ft 3in Thor Star Never Responded Back

In the era of social media, a hat is never just a hat, especially if it makes mention of earlier controversies. Remember Chris Hemsworth’s 2019 UFC remark that prompted Logan Paul to issue a dueling challenge.

The 28-year-old well-known YouTuber and social media personality issued a challenge to fight Avengers: Endgame star in 2019. Well, the YouTuber made a really bizarre comment on Hemsworth’s Instagram post. 

To quickly refresh your memory: the Poker Face actress Elsa Pataky and the Thor: Ragnarok actor posted a photo of themselves attending a UFC event. Hemsworth, as usual, made fun of himself and joked in the caption of the post that he would not enter the cage even if his wife wanted him to.

Logan Paul in an appearance at WWE
Logan Paul in an appearance at WWE

Fans could not help but laugh at Hemsworth’s joke, but Paul decided to take it seriously and ended the thread by making a combative comment. 

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Naturally, the Thor star chose not to respond back. 

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When Logan Paul Declared War On Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is well-known for playing the handsome Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he has always given off the impression of being unstoppable. However, the Australian actor has once gotten himself into an unexpected situation, as a result of his words. 

Chris Hemsworth’s UFC Comment Made Logan Paul Challenge Him to a Duel
Chris Hemsworth’s UFC Comment Made Logan Paul Challenge Him to a Duel

Hemsworth shared the following post on Instagram after attending a UFC event in 2019 with his wife Elsa Pataky. The actor used the UFC fight to make fun of himself and his own action film star persona by adding the following tongue-in-cheek caption to the post:

“Nah seriously Elsa there’s no way I’m gettin in the cage, I pretend to be tough, this sh*t is real….is there green screen involved?? @elsapatakyconfidential @ufc”


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Meanwhile, Logan Paul intervened like a true ‘thread-killer’ and ended the fun with the following divisive statement:

“I’d fight you. probably an even match.”

Hemsworth, the 40-year-old husband and father of three, has not responded to Paul’s remarks. 

The actor was last seen as Tyler Rake in the action thriller film Extraction 2, helmed by Sam Hargrave, which is available to stream on Netflix.

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Logan Paul’s Brother Was Critical of Him 

Brothers and boxers, Logan and Jake Paul appear to be having issues with each other.

The feud began when Logan Paul made the divisive claim that he had handed over opponents to his brother on a silver platter so that he could win convincingly. 

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

As a result, the brothers’ relationship soured, and there was a very public argument in which both brothers criticized the other. In one of the recent interviews, Jake Paul was blunt about his brother’s nature, saying:

“He needs an ego death. Too many sociopathic tendencies.” 

Healthy competition can result from sibling rivalry, but this is not always the case in every family. According to what has happened thus far between the aforementioned brothers and boxers, it appears that ego clashes and jealousy may have been a major factor in the family’s discord.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul
Brothers and athletes Jake Paul and Logan Paul

The 28-year-old YouTuber went on to explain his brother’s odd behavior at the ringside following Jake Paul’s widely publicized victory over Nate Diaz, which sparked much speculation:

“Let me say something. You all always take me out of context. Guess what I did that night that I went to Jake’s fight. I wrestled in front of 50,000 f**king people. I was exhausted. I was in pain. I drove a plane for three hours across the country to make my brother’s fight. By the time I’m there, I’ve had a day, I’m exhausted.”

Jake and Logan Paul
Jake and Logan Paul

Well, it is still unclear whether the two brothers will put their current misunderstandings aside and work toward a future reconciliation. 

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