“I’d leave people a little high and dry”: An Anxious Conor McGregor Fears he Has Made Powerful Enemies in Hollywood for This Weird Reason

Conor McGregor is concerned he made enemies with some big names in Hollywood for an unexpected reason.

“I’d leave people a little high and dry”: An Anxious Conor McGregor Fears he Has Made Powerful Enemies in Hollywood for This Weird Reason


  • Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in the history of combat sports, who never fails to back down from anything he believes in.
  • The MMA legend is worried he made enemies in Hollywood for a weird reason.
  • The Notorious One also felt disappointed with how much the highest-earning female athletes got in 2023.
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Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the history of the world of MMA. His star power is undeniable as he always breaks pay-per-view records for any event he headlines. With that said, he also fears he made some powerful enemies in Hollywood for a bizarre reason.

Conor McGregor in action
Conor McGregor

In late October 2021, McGregor himself dropped the bombshell that the UFC was eyeing April for his comeback to the Octagon. It had been a while since he stepped into the cage, with his last bout dating back to July 2021 when he faced off against Dustin Poirier. Even now, it isn’t known when he will actually return for good to the Octagon.

Conor McGregor Is Worried He Made Powerful Enemies In Hollywood For An Odd Reason

Conor McGregor in Road House
Road House

Conor McGregor is preparing for his film debut this year, sharing the screen with Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The pair is slated to star in a remake of the 1989 cult classic film, Road House.


The reboot is set to be exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video starting March 21. The storyline follows Elwood Dalton (played by Gyllenhaal) a former UFC fighter who becomes a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys, only to uncover that the paradise is not as idyllic as it appears.

Conor McGregor takes on the role of Dalton’s nemesis, Knox, in the film, claiming it has earned him the title of the ‘highest-paid first-time actor of all time.’ McGregor, who had previously turned down offers from Hollywood, revealed that his past interactions with the movie industry may have resulted in acquiring some powerful enemies, in a conversation with Total Film.

“I had turned down a good few roles in my time on the climb. I’ve had directors show up at fight camp, really beautiful directors doing really top-end movies… And over and over, they’d come to me, and I always turned them down.

I’d leave people a little high and dry. I probably have a few enemies out there that I don’t really know of because I had said, ‘I might do it’.”

McGregor had anticipated making his highly awaited comeback and participating in several fights before the release date of the Road House remake. However, his hiatus is nearing three years, even though he has been scheduled to face lightweight contender Michael Chandler since February 2023. We’ll have to see if McGregor will end up fighting Chandler this year.


Conor McGregor Feels Female Athletes Deserved To Be Paid More

Tennis sensation Iga Świątek speaking
Iga Świątek

Forbes previously unveiled their list of top-earning female athletes all over the world for 2023, which included names from all kinds of professional sports, including tennis, freestyle skiing, football and many other sports.

The highest-paid athlete of 2023 was Iga Świątek – the 22-year-old tennis sensation hailing from Poland. She earned $23.9 million for this year. Other names such as Eileen Gu, who earned $22.1 million for freestyle skiing and Coco Gauff – earning $21.7 million were the top 3 on the list. However, that wasn’t enough to impress Conor McGregor, who took to Twitter and stated that female athletes should be paid more.

”Women deserve to be paid more.”

It is an undeniable reality that, in general, male professional athletes receive higher pay than their female counterparts, and this has been the prevailing situation for a significant period. Whether this dynamic will ever change remains uncertain, as expressed by Conor McGregor’s expressed desire for change.


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