“I’d love to, but they have to invite me”: Before ‘The Flash’ Cameo, Nicolas Cage Said WB Would Have to Beg Him to Play Superman Despite Naming His Own Son Kal-El

Before 'The Flash' Cameo, Nicolas Cage Said WB Would Have to Beg Him to Play Superman Despite Naming His Own Son Kal-El

For many years, it was believed that actor Nicolas Cage would be introduced as Superman by Warner Bros, and finally, fans got to see it in The Flash (2023). Although it was a short cameo, it still managed to hype up the fans.

Cage was first linked to the character back in the 1990s as photos of the actor in the Superman outfit went viral. In 2018, when it was announced that Henry Cavill was leaving behind the role of Superman, once again rumors cooked up claiming that Cage would play Superman. In an interview, he was asked about the opportunity and he said he would love to do it but Warner Bros will have to approach him.

Nicolas Cage was Waiting for Warner Bros to Approach Him

Nicolas Cage as Superman
Nicolas Cage as Superman

In a 2018 interview with IndieWire, actor Nicolas Cage explained that he would love to play Superman if Warner Bros approached him,

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“I’d love to, but they have to invite me. I’ve kind of gone in this other direction and I’m happy with this little world that I have. I think it’s been a mutually successful relationship.”

More than two decades later, Warner Bros finally approached Cage as he made an appearance in The Flash (2023). The cameo was short but it was exciting to see the idea finally becoming a reality.

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Nicolas Cage is a Huge Fan of Superman

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

Cage is known to be a comic book enthusiast and collector, and his passion for the character is evident. The actor has expressed his love for Superman in many interviews and has even named his son Kal-El, which is Superman’s Kryptonian birth name.

Cage was set to portray the character in a film titled Superman Lives in the late 1990s. The film was supposed to be directed by Tim Burton but due to various production issues and creative differences, the project was eventually scrapped.

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Nicolas Cage Hated this One Thing About his Cameo

Nicolas Cage as Superman in The Flash (2023)
Nicolas Cage as Superman in The Flash (2023)

Cage’s cameo in director Andy Muschietti’s The Flash is also one of the reasons why fans rushed to the theatres. However, there is this one thing that the actor hated about his cameo. In an interview with USA Today, Cage said,

“Well, I was glad I didn’t blink. For me, it was the feeling of being actualized. Even that look for that particular character, finally seeing it on screen, was satisfying. But as I said, it’s quick.”

Even fans complained that the cameo was very short and the use of CGI was over-the-top. With James Gunn working on the next Superman movie, fans can expect a new actor to play the role.

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