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“I’d rather save my family than save face”: James Gandolfini’s ‘The Sopranos’ Co-Star Drea de Matteo Joins OnlyFans as Studios Refuse to Pay Actors Residuals

James Gandolfini’s ‘The Sopranos’ Co-Star Drea de Matteo Joins OnlyFans as Studios Refuse to Pay Actors Residuals

Drea de Matteo has continued to captivate and dazzle the audience with her unforgettable character depictions and memorable performances in several highly-rated television shows and fascinating movies. The actress has successfully established herself as a star and won many top-level accolades and honors thanks to her unique cinematic skill and inescapable silver-screen presence. 

While she has achieved enormous fame and fortune throughout her career, the actress recently spoke in length about the struggles and challenges she has faced in getting roles in Hollywood over the past few years, which led her to join OnlyFans.

Drea de Matteo Reveals the Reason Why She Joined OnlyFans

Drea de Matteo
Drea de Matteo

Drea de Matteo joined OnlyFans for a surprising reason, as she recently shared the reason behind her debut on this subscription-based social media platform. In a candid interview with Fox News Digital, the 51-year-old actress revealed that her children, Alabama Gypsyrose and Waylon Albert Blackjack, encouraged her to join the platform.

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She told the outlet,

“I just don’t care. I don’t. I’d rather save my family than save face. My kids were the ones that were like, ‘Do it.’ She’ll [de Matteo’s daughter] edit the pictures, too, because they want certain things that we haven’t been able to do. I used to have a lot of money. And then, all of a sudden, I went from being allowed to work to never being allowed to work again. I was never the kind of actor that took jobs just to stay in the business. I literally took jobs to feed my family.”

Drea de Matteo
Drea de Matteo

The actress continued,

“People find that hard to believe that I was never really paid very much money for any of the jobs I’ve done. People think I’m f—ing made of gold, and I’m not. I’ve worked job to job. And I’ve turned down tons of jobs in the past just to be with my children because their dad’s on the road, and he’s not around as much.”

Drea de Matteo is an incredibly talented actress who gained the attention of Hollywood heavyweights with her excellent portrayal as Adriana La Cerva on the highly acclaimed HBO television series The Sopranos, which helped launch her career in showbiz. Since then, the actress has starred in many top-rated TV series and movies.


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Aaron Paul Claims He Doesn’t Get Breaking Bad Residuals From Netflix

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman
Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman

As reported by People magazine, Hollywood star Aaron Paul told Entertainment Tonight Canada at a recent SAG-AFTRA rally that he doesn’t get residual from Netflix for his beloved show Breaking Bad, in which he played the character of Jesse Pinkman. According to People magazine, Paul shared,

“I don’t get a piece from Netflix on Breaking Bad, to be totally honest, and that’s insane to me, you know what I mean,” adding, “Shows live forever on these streamers, and it goes through waves. And I just saw the other day that Breaking Bad was trending on Netflix, and it’s just such common sense, and I think a lot of these streamers, they know they have been getting away with not paying people just fair wage, and now it’s time to pony up, and that’s just one of the things we’re fighting for.” 

Aaron Paul joined the rally with his show’s co-stars Bryan Cranston and Jesse Plemons, who also shared their opinions respective opinions. Paul played the role of Jesse Pinkman in the award-winning American crime drama television series Breaking Bad and earned critical acclaim.

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Source: Fox News Digital, People magazine, Entertainment Tonight Canada

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