‘Identity theft is not a joke, Jim’: Internet Can’t Help Itself After Chris Evans Warns Fans Against Fake Accounts Pretending To Be Him

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Nowadays identity thefts are increasing at an alarming rate. Identity theft is real and becoming a prevalent problem among people, especially in the US. It is predicted that every 1 in 4 people who work from home are subjected to this marketing fraud.


Moreover, Chris Evans took to Twitter to post about these tricksters and also stating people should be careful about this matter. During the global pandemic, Covid-19 in 2020, opportunistic fraudsters have taken advantage of this crisis while stealing the personal information of other individuals.

Identity Theft
Identity thefts are increasing day by day

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Chris Evans’ warning to the people

Recently on Twitter Chris Evans, the Avengers star tweeted about how there are many fake accounts impersonating people and to be careful about these sharks taking on multiple identities to fraud people. He also added,

Just a reminder to everyone out there that I only have one account here and one IG. Anyone reaching out to you from another account saying they’re me is lying. Be careful”

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

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Fans have reacted to Evans’s tweet in a fun way also sharing their experiences:



As once in the series The Office, in the episode Product Recall of season 3, Jim comes in dressed up as Dwight all the way from the hairstyle to the watch. Dwight’s reply to his actions was serious as he said, ” Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!”.  

Rapid Increase of Identity Thiefs

Identity theft is a growing problem and people should be concerned about it. While we are unlikely to find a fail-safe way to prevent identity theft, there are various security measures that we can apply to make it hard for scammers to get hold of our sensitive information.


These include safeguarding our social security number, checking credit reports regularly for expenses that we have not ordered, shredding documents containing personal information before disposing of them, and enabling two-step verification on all our devices and accounts which notifies us when someone is trying to gain access to one’s account.

Identity thefts are increasing on an alarming rate
Identity thefts are increasing at an alarming rate

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There are several identity theft protection services that help people avoid and mitigate the effects of identity theft. Such services provide information helping people to safeguard their personal information, monitor public records and private records, to alert their clients of certain transactions and status changes, and also provide assistance to victims to help them resolve problems associated with identity theft.

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