‘If disaster ensues on Cavill’s contract, wouldn’t mind Brad Abramenko’: With Henry Cavill’s Return Under Threat, Peacemaker’s Superman Actor Becomes Top Choice for ‘Man of Steel 2’

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Henry Cavill is back as Superman after a long wait, however, it seems as if his contract hasn’t become concrete yet. Keeping this in mind, there could be any possibility of where the negotiations lead to. By the looks of it, fans have already started planning on whether or not his contract would work out or not and who would replace him otherwise.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

This has already included a list of actors who either could take up the mantel some day, or have already played the character at least once before. Although, among all these names, the one who seems to be leading happens to be Brad Abramenko, who played the hero in the finale of James Gunn’s Peacemaker. 

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Brad Abramenko Won Hearts While Playing Superman In Peacemaker, Making Him The Top Choice For A Superman After Henry Cavill

Brad Abramenko made his debut as Superman in the finale of Peacemaker. Although the announcement of the same was not received very well, however, that quickly changed after the actor first adorned the iconic suit and appeared on the screen. This made fans immediately accept him as a version of the hero of Metropolis whom they would not mind seeing again.

Brad Abramenko as Superman

His appearance became a well-received concept among the audience, but merely to an extent. When the actor started a petition to return as the character for a second season, fans were adamant about seeing Henry Cavill be a part of that universe and have him be the Superman that would go up against Peacemaker. Now it may look like because Cavill’s contract not being solid yet, fans do not seem to mind Abramenko as DC Universe’s Superman. His vigor and appearance as the hero changed a lot of minds and his charisma in return has pulled many fans toward him.

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Fans Ask For Brad Abramenko As Superman If Henry Cavill Gets Replaced Again

Henry Cavill as Superman

Fans on social media have been jumping with excitement and opinions as to who else might be fit to play the role Henry Cavill made so special. While there have been multiple actors before him and more so after him, the image that Cavill made for Superman lived in every fan’s heart.



This, however, is also contradictory with the some fans also are not being as supporting of this idea. They are against the idea would have also said that they would see anyone else play the character.





This led fans to start petitions as well as create hype for Abramenko’s version and how he was just as good and impactful as Cavill’s. Essentially making the actor’s representation similar to that of The Witcher actor. Although there has been no confirmed news regarding the same, Cavill’s contract is still in the works and would take time to be fully constructed.

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