‘If Fans Can Give It a Chance’: Ms. Marvel Writer Bisha K. Ali Justifies Kamala Khan’s Origin Story Change

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Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, is currently blowing away the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two episodes in, Ms. Marvel is being loved by the fans but still a victim of a review bombing online. It is praised by the majority of people yet it has received some horrible viewership. Overall positive vibes are protecting the show because of Kamala Khan’s powers alternation in the MCU.


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Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan's powers
Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan’s powers

The power alternation for Ms. Marvel has been one of the most interesting debates in the comic book movie community. If we follow the comics, her abilities are traditionally stretchy and shape-shifting as the original. But in the MCU Disney+ series, they are adding more cosmic energy and a “Green Lantern style” to show these powers. The heritage of her powers moves from Terrigen Mist, which unleashes her superpowers, to a family antique that apparently does the exact same stuff.

Marvel Studios ‘Hotly Debated’ New Adaptations to MCU Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan's antique bracelet
Kamala Khan’s antique bracelet

However, MCU-first fans don’t appear to be happy about the adaptation, and it looks like the online controversies are increasing because of that. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the head writer for Ms. Marvel, Bisha K. Ali, was questioned about the new power adaption for the lead character and what went into the opinions behind the live-action change.


“That’s a big old question, and look, I get the vibe. I’m also a fan of the comic books, and I know what it is to be a fangirl. It was a huge decision. It certainly wasn’t me rocking up and being like, “Let’s throw out the powers!” That is not my vibe at all.”

“It was a big conversation between me and Kevin [Feige, president of Marvel Studios] and Sana, right from the start, of how we translate this to the screen. The thing that was really vital to me was that in the comic books, her powers are inherently connected to her internal journey — how she feels about herself, how she’s navigating the world, how she perceives herself. Whatever we changed them to had to have that same connectivity with her psychology and the journey she’s going through and the way she sees herself. I think we really accomplished that. I think if fans can give it a chance, they might see our reasoning.”

Kamala Khan's power change in Ms. Marvel
Kamala Khan’s power change in Ms. Marvel

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Fans can’t say how this cosmic change in Ms. Marvel will link into Iman Vellani’s successive role in The Marvels. They are not changing her powers for no reason. Instead, they are changing her abilities to tell the best story for this universe. They are changing her abilities for a reason, they came up with this decision to make her abilities the best story for the future.


The first episode of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.

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