“If he just confirmed smash bros I’m gonna lose my sh*t”: Chris Pratt’s Nintendo Cinematic Universe Comments Has Fans Begging For a Super Smash Bros. Movie

The Nintendo Cinematic Universe has a lot of potential and Chris Pratt seems to agree.

Super Smash Bros


  • Chris Pratt opened up about the possibility of a Nintendo Cinematic Universe.
  • He stated that keeping the ‘Mario’ characters aside, there is still a lot to explore.
  • Fans are hoping that this would open the doors to a movie based on ‘Super Smash Bros.’.
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When The Super Mario Bros. Movie starring Chris Pratt was announced, and fans were extremely excited to see their favorite video game characters coming to life. From Mario and Luigi to Princess Peach and Toad, the film was filled to the brim with nostalgia. While the critics had mixed reviews about the film, fans absolutely adored every single minute of it, helping it make over a billion dollars at the box office.

Mario and Princess Peach in the Super Mario Bros. Movie
A still from The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

After the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it was confirmed that we’d be getting a second one all the way in 2026. This opens the door to unending possibilities about what Nintendo could do in terms of bringing many of its video games to the big screen. A Nintendo Cinematic Universe might just be what we need, and Chris Pratt seems to agree as well.

Chris Pratt Talks about the Nintendo Cinematic Universe

Chris Pratt's Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Chris Pratt voices Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo and Illumination will be reuniting for yet another film on the iconic Mario Brothers, although they are not describing it as a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Chris Meledandri and Shigeru Miyamoto will return as producers, and Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic will serve as the film’s directors.


While talking to Screen Rant, Chris Pratt opened up about what the announced film could do for the Nintendo Cinematic Universe, and according to him, the possibilities are just endless. He believes that they have only grazed the tip of the iceberg with the Mario characters.

He stated,

“Oh, man! There’s so much to explore. There are decades worth of [games] to explore, not only with Mario and Peach and Donkey Kong and Luigi and Bowser and Yoshi; that was teased at the end.

But it just gets me so excited. I was such a Nintendo head growing up, so just thinking about how everything from Legend of Zelda to the entire Nintendo cinematic universe could be created and what that could look like for all of these characters that I love? I mean, there’s really no limit. We could talk about it for hours.”

Nintendo video game characters having full-blown adventures in Hollywood? Take our money, please.


P.S. Wouldn’t a Kirby project be a fantastic choice?

Chris Pratt’s Words Have Fans Hoping for a Super Smash Bros. Movie

A still from the video game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started off with the big boss, Iron Man, and then went on to create films for other superheroes from the Marvel comics. If The Super Mario Bros. Movie is the Nintendo equivalent of Iron Man, more characters should get their own films, should the cinematic universe become a reality.

Now, one of the best things in the MCU has always been the superhero crossovers. Remember how we all collectively went crazy watching Avengers: Infinity War? Well, the Nintendo world has its own Infinity War Super Smash Bros.


Since Pratt talked about the possibility of a Nintendo Cinematic Universe, fans haven’t been able to contain their excitement about a movie based on the Super Smash Bros. Take a look at what they had to say about it below:



From Mario and Donkey Kong to Link and Pikachu, the video game has all of Nintendo’s goodness in one. A film on Super Smash Bros. would be one hell of an entertaining watch!

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