If HoYeon Jung Is Your New Crush, Here Are 15 Facts To Make You Like Her Even More


South Korean model HoYeon Jung made her acting debut in Squid Game but little did she know she would become a global phenomenon. If you’re obsessed with her on-screen character, you’re not alone. Scroll down to know more about the actor:

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1. Squid Game was HoYeon Jung’s first onscreen acting role ever. Her only time in front of a video camera was when she starred in Kim-Yeon Woo’s music video ‘Move’ 

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2. HoYeon Jung is besties with Jennie from Blackpink. Jennie would often visit her on the Squid Game set. 

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3. Professionally HoYeon Jung is a model and has a career spanning over 10 years.

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4. HoYeon Jung got into the fashion industry completely on her own. She started taking modeling classes at age 15 and started freelance modeling in 2010 at age 16. For two years she even walked shows for Seoul Fashion Week without any agency

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5. Jung was placed second on Season 4 of Korea’s Next Top Model. She had initially made it to the top 30 when she auditioned for season 2 but she quit the show. 

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6. By 2016, Jung became an international modeling sensation because of the fiery red hair that she was sporting. Her look captivated audiences and won her great acclaim.

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7. After moving out of Korea, HoYeon spent the majority of her time traveling between shoots and watching movies. This habit ignited her interest in acting. 



“I thought more and more about myself and my position in humanity at large. Who was I? What does it mean to be human? The need to answer those questions was what brought me to acting,” she told Vogue.

8. For helping herself get into the mind of the Sae-byeok, HoYeon created a journal.  

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“[In some ways] her life was very similar to my life abroad,” Sae- byeok said. “During those times, it was difficult to share my emotions [and] celebrate with family and friends when something good happened or figure out what to do when something bad occurred. Everything [I felt] dwelled in my head and my head only. Hence, I could understand her loneliness and how she empowered herself.”

9. She’s currently dating South Korean actor Dong-hwi Lee, who is famous for the TV show Reply 1988. The actor recently surprised fans with his singing on the show Hanging Out With Yoo.

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10. Currently she has surpassed all South Korean celebrities and is the most followed on Instagram right now. She had a few hundred thousand followers before Squid Game came out. Currently, it’s more than 19 million.

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11. She tells that her favorite documentary is Netflix’s Headspace: Guide to Sleep. She watches it every time she’s unable to sleep. 

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13. When she found out they were offering her the role of Sae-byeok, HoYeon was fretted about pulling off the role.

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14. In October 2021, HoYeon was crowned as the Global House Ambassador for fashion, watches, and jewelry for Louis Vuitton. This month itself she has partnered with Adidas Originals for their Adicolor campaign.

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15. She has two siblings: a brother and a sister.

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