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“If I’m honest…”: Sherlock Star Hated His Own Role in Daniel Craig’s Most Forgettable James Bond Movie Starring 2-Time Oscar Winner

Andrew Scott wouldn't want to play a similar role again.

sherlock star hated his own role in daniel craig’s most forgettable james bond movie starring 2-time oscar winner


  • Sam Mendes' second James Bond film, Spectre, received negative reviews and was considered a downgrade from his previous film, Skyfall.
  • Andrew Scott, known for his role in Sherlock, admitted that he didn't enjoy his character in Spectre
  • Despite the film's flaws, the fight sequence with Dave Bautista was well-received, although Bautista's nose was accidentally broken by Daniel Craig during filming.

Unlike his debut Bond film, Sam Mendes’ second entry in the franchise wasn’t met with much jubilation, becoming one of the lowest-rated entries in Daniel Craig’s tenure as 007. While Skyfall earned the title of one of the best depictions of the British Spy, Spectre failed to fill its predecessor’s shoes, and its unanimously criticized third act didn’t help salvage the situation.

And like fans and critics, who found this installment a severe downgrade from Mendes’ Skyfall, Sherlock Star Andrew Scott too wasn’t a big fan of the entry, especially his character Max Denbigh.

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spectre james bond daniel craig
Daniel Craig | Spectre

Andrew Scott Isn’t Fond of His Character in Spectre

Known for playing Jim Moriarty in the BBC drama series Sherlock, Andrew Scott got candid while reflecting on his time playing the secondary antagonist of 2015’s Spectre. Playing the undercover member of the terrorist organization in Daniel Craig‘s weakest Bond film pushed Scott away from taking antagonistic roles, as he admitted he would never do a part similar to Max. Speaking with British GQ, the Sherlock Star further expressed his distaste for his performance in the role.

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“If I’m honest, it’s not a territory that I feel like I would want to go over again. Now I know who I am a little bit more, I feel like the work that I’m just interested in doing is more in the grey areas. I suppose it’s just that I didn’t think… I just maybe wasn’t that good in it.”

Fortunately, it didn’t take him longer to find his footing back after Spectre, starring Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, as he starred alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the acclaimed Fleabag.

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Andrew scott
Andrew Scott | Spectre

Daniel Craig Broke Dave Bautista’s Nose During Their Fight Sequence

Although much of its action scenes were stale in comparison to some of Craig’s other acclaimed entries in the franchise, Spectre did have its charms, especially the fight sequence with Dave Bautista. However, crafting the sequence would become a nightmare for the WWE Superstar, as the Knives Out Star would accidentally break Bautista’s nose. During his appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Craig jokingly recalled,


“I broke his nose. I didn’t do it deliberately; clearly, it was a mistake. Like I said, he’s a big guy, professional wrestler, you really wouldn’t mess with him. I threw this punch, I hit him on the nose and heard this crack. And I went, ‘Oh God no’, and ran away. I thought he was going to come after me. And he was so sweet,”

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A still from Spectre -Daniel Craig's fight with Dave Bautista
Spectre (2015)

But Bautista offered a different recollection of the event, stating that Daniel Craig didn’t run away and stayed there to comfort and apologize to him, as they both ended up sharing a laugh. And while their first collaboration together didn’t exactly open to critical acclaim, the duo would reunite once again to star in Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion, which became a huge hit.

Spectre is available to rent on Apple TV.


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