‘If they ever make that movie and I’m not him, I’m shutting that sh*t down’: Anthony Mackie Reveals the Non-Marvel Superhero He Wants To Play Outside MCU

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Anthony Mackie has come a long way in his career, from gaining tremendous fame due to his role as the Falcon in the MCU which has now evolved to the role of none other than Captain America himself. The actor now may be a huge superhero icon, but when asked if he would like to play another superhero outside the franchise, the actor did not hesitate with an answer.

Anthony Mackie in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Mackie, a hero both on screen and off screen has truly outshone every expectation one might have from him. From fixing roofs on Saturdays to saving multiple houses from hurricane disasters, the actor has spared no effort in helping as many people as he can.

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Anthony Mackie’s Superhero Wish

Anthony Mackie may be the Captain America of the current era, but what he truly wants to be is Panthro from ThunderCats. 

“If I could play another superhero, it would be Panthro from ThunderCats—the blue dude. Yeah, I’m big on ThunderCats—that’s my one superhero.”

Anthony Mackie in “Altered Carbon” season 2.

The actor stated how he is a fan of the series and how the blue cat is one of his favorites. Although he did mention that if given the option, he would have loved to play The Hulk as he had always wanted to play the green Avenger.

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Anthony Mackie Being A Real Life Superhero

The hurricanes affecting New Orleans, hometown of Anthony Mackie have been growing in concern for everyone including the actor himself. Ever since he was a kid, Mackie had been fixing roofs with his dad in 7th Ward, New Orleans. General Aniline & Film, better known as GAF, has decided to partner up with the actor in order to fix 500 roofs of the city, starting from Anthony Mackie’s own district of 7th Ward.

Anthony Mackie as the Falcon

“GAF is training young people in the roofing trade so that, one day, that person can provide for their family or lend an extra hand when needed. And if there’s another disaster, we as a community can step up and help ourselves.”

Blue tarp covered roofs have been a common thing to see when flying over the city which Mackie wishes to change as although many may not be able to afford the proper housing roofs, the actor can solve such a problem with this initiative. Starting from old roofs to new ones, Anthony Mackie wishes to help the people he grew up with, let his family see how far he’s come both as an actor and as a person.

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