“I’ll do my best”: Mackenyu is Already Hyping Fans for One Piece’s 2nd Season with the Return of Zoro

Mackenyu has promised the fans that he will try to play a better and cooler Roronoa Zoro during Netflix's One Piece Live Action season 2.

“I’ll do my best”: Mackenyu is Already Hyping Fans for One Piece’s 2nd Season with the Return of Zoro


  • Mackenyu has received worldwide fame after playing Roronoa Zoro in Netflix's One Piece Live Action, and he will return along with the cast for season 2.
  • During the Tokyo Comic-Con, Mackenyu promised that next year he would try to be a better Roronoa Zoro, and asked the fans to look forward to it.
  • Netflix's One Piece Live Action season 2 will introduce new characters like Tony Tony Chopper and Caption Smoker, but unfortunately it will take some time before it airs.
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Mackenyu has earned worldwide fame after playing the role of Roronoa Zoro in Netflix’s One Piece Live Action. The series became pretty popular due to the fact that it is the live adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s magnum opus. Eiichiro Oda and Matt Owens played a major role in helping the series break from the shackles of constant failure of ruined Netflix live adaptations.


The fans were skeptical of the show at first because all of Netflix’s past ventures into this genre had been a major disaster. Even though the story was changed a bit, it keeps the essence of the anime, and the cast did quite well when it came to acting. Mackenyu received a lot of love, and he hyped up the fans by confirming that he would come back with Zoro.

Mackenyu’s Promise Stirred Up The Fans

One Piece Live-Action actor Mackenyu Arata
Mackenyu Arata

Mackenyu had to train the hardest for his One Piece Live Action role. Roronoa Zoro carries three swords. Two on both hands and one in the mouth. So, Mackenyu had to train his body and jaws to nail the role. Thankfully, he did everything gracefully. Being Japanese, he knew the importance of the character and the anime from which the series was based.



Seeing that people are showering him with love, he promised the fans that he would try to do better in season 2. At Tokyo Comic-Con, Mackenyu said, “Next year I’m playing Zoro again. I’d like to play even cooler and stronger Zoro. I’ll do my best. Please look forward to it.” It can be perfectly summed up that the Zoro actor is hyping up the fans for One Piece Live Action season 2.

One Piece Live-Action actor Mackenyu Arata
Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro in One Piece Live Action

Mackenyu had previously worked in other anime live adaptations. They include Scar from the Fullmetal Alchemist trilogy and Enishi from Rurouni Kenshin: The Final. Apart from that, he also played the role of Saint Seiya in Hollywood’s live adaptation of Knight of the Zodiac. Mackneyu’s comment has made the fans more excited, and they cannot wait for the live-action Strawhats to come back the resume their journey to the Grand Line.


More on One Piece Live Action

Netflix’s One Piece Live Action has garnered massive numbers in viewership, and the numbers are still increasing after five months. Seeing the popularity and the positive responses, Netflix did not waste time to renew the series for a second season. The executives confirmed that they had the scripts ready, but it would take at least a year to eighteen months for season 2 to start airing.

A still from Netflix's One Piece
Netflix’s One Piece Live Action

But, the time period will be extended since writers’ and actors’ strikes have delayed the procedure. Even though Mackenyu said that he would play a better Zoro in the upcoming year, it would not happen since the series will require more time to return. Other than Mackenyu, the fans are excited about Tony Tony Chopper’s live-action debut. Many new characters will make their debut, and the journey ahead will become more difficult.

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