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“I’m a huge Obama fan”: Chris Evans Labeled Barack Obama the Real Life Captain America the World Looks Up To, Said Obama’s Problem Solving Skill is a Superpower

"I'm a huge Obama fan": Chris Evans Labeled Barack Obama the Real Life Captain America the World Looks Up To, Said Obama's Problem Solving Skill is a Superpower

The Marvel fandom that has been unjustly left hanging in limbo for over 3 long years with nothing to occupy them but divisively rated and comically criticized lineup of projects now looks back at the early era of the franchise’s conception. There was a time when Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth had begun to erect the three pillars upon which MCU would one day stand. The legacy that these actors now leave behind after 11 years is one that towers over every other franchise and overshadows anything else in terms of the enormity and scale of its planning and vision.

Marvel Studios – a powerhouse of passion and ambition given voice
Marvel Studios – a powerhouse of passion and ambition given voice

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But as far as the early days were concerned, the fandom was blessed to be awarded with perfectly elegant, well-molded, and best-suited actors stumbling upon the opportunity to play the said heroes.

Chris Evans Doesn’t Shy Away From Political Discourse

The modern era of fame and popularity has an intermingling relationship with the contemporary socio-cultural and political atmosphere. It has been so for over the better part of the past century and the influences of political shifts in society has been deeply ingrained in the comics genre too, among other varying genres of literature and media. It is only then fitting that one of the most prominent faces of the Marvel franchise, Chris Evans, would be a voice for the generation he strives to inspire.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger
Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger

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In an interview with Jake Hamilton on Jake’s Takes for the Captain America press junket, Chris Evans was asked who he thinks is a figure that the current generation needs and should emulate and look up to. Without hesitation, Evans claims, “Barack Obama,” before launching into an elaborate reasoning behind his response.

“I’m a huge Obama fan […] It’s not even about his political stance, it’s about his approach to political discussions. He has a demeanor and a way of speaking that is patient, calculated, he listens – it’s about compromise. I think he has his opinions and his views, but he has a way of making you feel heard and finding a middle ground. I just, I respect his approach to problem-solving so massively. And for these times, where everyone has an opinion and all the lines are blurred as to what is right and wrong, you need someone who can come to the table with patience, with a rational approach, and find a compromise. And to this day, I have not seen a politician bring that to the table more than he has.”

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

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The response was vehemently appreciated by fans on social media. People in the comments were not only appreciative of his intelligence, clearly expressed views, and opinions, but were impressed by his unflinching dive into a politically inclined discourse at his film’s promotional interview. One fan accurately quipped: Finally, a celeb who can speak eloquently about politics!”

The Marvel Cast and their Socio-Political Contributions

Over the years since finding a broad reach and a public platform via their careers as Marvel movie actors, the cast of MCU have strived strongly to bring good influence through their work and contribution outside of the world of cinema and entertainment. Considering the wide-ranging demography that follows the franchise and its representatives so closely, the causes have indeed been incredibly influential in contemporary society.

Chris Hemsworth launches Moves That Matter
Chris Hemsworth launches Moves That Matter through Centr

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Chris Evans’ political activism has been accompanied on a larger scale by Mark Ruffalo’s environmental activism, which has witnessed him standing up against major oil corporations and speaking up for protecting and preserving indigenous lands across North America. Chris Hemsworth’s Centr workout app and his most recent Moves That Matter movement have contributed to counting participants’ workout minutes and transforming them into charitable outputs like sporting gears, sports opportunities, and physical and emotional benefits for youths.

Source: Jake’s Takes

Written by Diya Majumdar

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