“I’m already out, I’m bored”: Rumored to Play Susan Storm in Fantastic 4, Emily Blunt Would Never Accept any Marvel Movie if the Script Has These Three Words

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It looks like Emily Blunt is not a big fan of playing quintessentially strong and bold female characters and would rather not pick up the role at all than “act tough.” 


The Devil Wears Prada actress recently sat down with The Telegraph to talk about her new Western drama miniseries, The English, starring Chaske Spencer, Tom Hughes, and the British actress herself. Written and directed by the writer of Black Earth Rising, Hugo Blick, the series witnesses Emily Blunt’s character, Lady Cornelia Locke hungry for vendetta as she sets out to the American West to avenge her dead son.

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt

While talking about her character in this new British-American series, The Girl on the Train star revealed how she enjoyed playing the role of Lady Cornelia, whilst also pointing out her dislike towards roles that demand her to put on a brave face. Granted, her part in The English does indeed comprise a strong woman driven by revenge, but she is also someone who is “innocent,” which is what the Jungle Cruise actress prefers over a more tough female lead.


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Emily Blunt says she doesn’t like playing a “strong female lead”

When asked about her character in The English, Emily Blunt stated that she had a gala time playing the role of Lady Cornelia and was particularly in admiration of just how hopeful she is in the series. “I love a character with a secret,” the Sicario star said. “And I loved Cornelia’s buoyancy, her hopefulness, her guilelessness.” 

But Blunt seems to despise it when a script demands her character to be a tough nut instead. Here’s what she had to say about playing the role of a “strong female lead”: 


“It’s the worst thing ever when you open a script and read the words ‘strong female lead’. That makes me roll my eyes – I’m already out. I’m bored. Those roles are written as incredibly stoic, you spend the whole time acting tough and saying tough things.”

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Chaske Spencer and Emily Blunt in The English
Chaske Spencer and Emily Blunt in The English

The Wild Target actress apparently craves a role that requires something more than just being strong as she remarked that Cornelia’s character was “more surprising than that.” 

“She’s innocent without being naive and that makes her a force to be reckoned with,” Blunt explained. “She startles Eli out of his silence and their differences become irrelevant because they need each other to survive. I thought that was very cool.”


If that’s the case, then the possibility of Blunt playing the superhero character of Susan Storm in the upcoming MCU film might become obscure.

Will Emily Blunt star as Susan Storm in Fantastic Four?

There have been various rumors surfacing over the internet about how The Edge of Tomorrow‘s actress would be a great fit to play the Invisible Woman in Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four which is scheduled to release in a couple of years.

Blunt even responded to said rumors claiming that nobody had approached her with regard to the role, which further renewed fans’ hopes with the belief that if Marvel Studios was to approach her, she might just take up the gig.


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Blunt isn't fond of scripts that read "strong female lead"
Blunt isn’t fond of scripts that read “strong female lead”

But now that the award-winning actress has revealed her clear choices when it comes to doing films or shows by saying she isn’t fond of doing “tough” roles, Susan Storm might just be out of the picture because at the end of the day, she is a superhero and the script is going to depict the character in such a light that she comes off as a strong and intense female character, which is exactly what Blunt seems to dislike.

Fantastic Four is set to release in 2025.


Emily Blunt’s The English is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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