“I’m here because of…”: Harrison Ford Channels his Vulnerable Side While Receiving Career Achievement Award

Harrison Ford is honored with the Career Achievement Award during the Critics Choice Awards 2024.

harrison ford channels his vulnerable side while receiving career achievement award


  • 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' director James Mangold highlighted Harrison Ford's contribution in the filmmaking industry.
  • He presented the Career Achievement Award during the 29th annual Critics Choice Awards to the latter.
  • Ford meanwhile got emotional as he accepted the award, expressed his gratitude to his fellow mates in the industry.
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Harrison Ford has gained critical acclaim for his roles in iconic film franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Apart from the big-budget franchises, he continued to work in a wide range of roles, establishing his persona in the entertainment world. Recently, he added another laurel to honor his outstanding acting career. 

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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During the 29th annual Critics Choice Awards, he was visibly emotional while accepting the Career Achievement Award. He further extended his gratitude to the people who contributed to the success of his movies. 


Harrison Ford Receives Career Achievement Award at the Critics Choice Awards 2024

James Mangold presents Harrison Ford with the Career Achievement Award during the 29th annual Critics Choice Awards | Image via CNN
James Mangold presented Harrison Ford with the Career Achievement Award during the 29th annual Critics Choice Awards | Image via CNN

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The Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny director James Mangold took to the 2024 Critics Choice Awards stage to present the Career Achievement Award to movie lead star, Harrison Ford

Mangold, in his speech shared via The Hollywood Reporter, said-


“The largest stars in the known universe are called variable hypergiants … Of course Harrison Ford is a star. However, I submit tonight that he is a variable hypergiant.”

He added, 

“A star so big he contains multitudes. A star so unique he attracts other stars. He has warmed each of our lives.”

Mangold named several of his projects including the Star Wars franchise, Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now, and Working Girl to honor his longstanding acting career. 

“The fact that I spit out that incredible, enviable list of films and performances without even mentioning ‘Star Wars.’ Harrison’s body of work is breathtaking. It is utterly timeless. It is authentic, deeply felt, masculine but vulnerable, often moving and frequently hilarious. His work has been wildly popular and critically revered, and it represents the voice of a singular artist.”

The Indiana Jones actor was visibly overwhelmed by the grand gesture and started walking to the stage as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. 


Harrison Ford Went Emotional While Giving His Acceptance Speech

Hollywood legend Harrison Ford
Hollywood legend Harrison Ford

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The Star Wars actor was visibly emotional while walking towards the stage. As he accepted the award from his long-time collaborator, Mangold, he reached the microphone to share, 

“First of all, I’m really happy to be here and just see what our business is turning into. And all of the talented people who are getting opportunities that probably would not have existed in the early part of my career. I’m very happy about that.”

He continued to express his gratitude towards people who curated wonders for his projects. 


“I’m here because of a combination of luck and the work of wonderful directors, writers and filmmakers. I feel enormously lucky.”

Having thanked his better half, Calista Flockhart, for her continuous support in all aspects of his life, he further thanked his fellow co-stars and the opportunities he received to stand where he is today.


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