“I’m hoping that that might happen at some day”: X-Men ‘97 Actor is Hopeful Her Dream for Another Mutant Project Will Come True as Season 1 Concludes

With fans receiving X-Men '97 really well, a voice actress from the show details the next step for the franchise.

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  • The first season of X-Men '97 ends today with part 3 of Tolerance Is Extinction.
  • A second and third season is already in development but Rogue voice actress Lenore Zann wants something more bigger for the franchise.
  • Zann wants an animated X-Men film to happen after the huge success of X-Men '97.
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X-Men ’97 has had a great run ever since its series premiere in March this year. The series continues to push the boundaries of what X-Men stories can be while also bringing the nostalgia factor of the 90s X-Men animated series. The first season of the series is coming to an end today with the third part of Tolerance is Extinction.

A still from X-Men '97
A still from X-Men ’97

While series creator Beau DeMayo may have parted ways with the studio, the series is still coming back with two more seasons. Outside of that, there has been no announcement of any other X-Men project as of yet. Lenore Zann, who voices Rogue in the show dreams that an animated X-Men film happens soon, owing to the success of the show.

Lenore Zann Believes An Animated X-Men Film Is The Next Step After X-Men ’97‘s Success

Lenore Zann, the voice behunf Rugue in X-Men '97 wwanst the charcters to transition into films
Lenore Zann, the voice behind Rogue in X-Men ’97 wants the characters to transition into films

People have loved the X-Men for many years through various mediums, be it animation, comics, or live-action films. Now is a great time to be an X-Men fan as along with the arrival of Deadpool & Wolverine, fans are feasting on the greatness of X-Men ’97 and how Beau DeMayo‘s creation has exceeded all of their expectations in terms of where they have taken the story.


As the first season of the show ends today, the future of X-Men ’97 is limitless with seasons 2 and 3 already in development. However, Lenore Zann, the voice actor of Rogue in the show has a bigger dream that she hopes Marvel Studios will make happen after the huge success of the show. In an interview with Nexus Point News, the actress spoke about the possibility of the X-Men crossing over with other animated shows and characters.

While all of those potentials are exciting, Zann wants an animated X-Men film more than anything else, considering the wild response from fans after the first episode of X-Men ’97 was screened at the El Capitan Theater. She loved that reaction from fans and believes that an animated X-Men film will go extremely well with audiences. Zann said,

“I’d love to see like a feature film, an animated feature film, yeah, you know, I love that. We were able to see [X-Men ‘97] on the screen, on the big screen, so we saw the first episode and I’ll probably be at El Capitan Theater, Hollywood Theater, but I loved watching it and the fans just went crazy.

So I think from what I’ve heard from fans that an X-Men animated feature film would go over extremely well, so I’m hoping that that might happen at someday. I think people are more open to the idea.”

Zann’s comments certainly feel like the next logical step for the franchise to take after the success of X-Men ’97. While more seasons are coming up, a feature film set between the seasons would be a great one to explore. The X-Men are more popular than ever currently and making use of it in a meaningful way will please fans as well as elevate the legacy of the franchise.


Lenore Zann Teases Another Fantastic Season After X-Men ’97’s Soaring Debut Season

Lenore Zann promises a bigger and even better season 2 of X-Men '97
Lenore Zann promises a bigger and even better season 2 of X-Men ’97

The first season of X-Men ’97 comes to an end with today’s episode and Marvel is already at work with the second season of the show. In an interview with Nexus Point News, Rogue voice actress Lenore Zann updated fans on the progress of the second season and what they can expect from it.

The actress stated that she has finished recording her lines for the sophomore season but frequently comes back to do ADR when required. She called the script for the second season fantastic and on par with the first season. Zann said,

“I have yes! I’ve done them yes. Of course, we keep being drawn back to do like ADR and make little changes here and there, but yes, I’ve done my lines and I love it. It’s an incredible script, see, you’re gonna love it, the same as this one, it’s just fantastic.”

The first season has set the bar quite high and the writers have a tough task ahead of them if they wish to surpass what they created with season 1. It remains to be seen whether they managed to maintain the winning steak with its second season, which is expected to drop sometime next year.


Fans can watch the first season of X-Men ’97 on Disney+.


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