Beau DeMayo is Grateful For Fans’ Support After Marvel Fired Him Weeks Before X-Men’ 97 For Mystery Reason

Despite being fired by Marvel ahead of ‘X-Men '97’ release, Beau DeMayo celebrates his win, as fans thank him for the iconic show.

Beau DeMayo and Xmen' 97
Credits: Instagram/Beau DeMayo


  • Ahead of the release of X-Men '97, Marvel mysteriously fired Beau DeMayo without a proper reason.
  • DeMayo’s termination caused chaos among fans of the animated series, who later came in support of the creator.
  • Witnessing fans’ unwavering support, DeMayo chose to look on the positive side and express his gratitude.
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Beau DeMayo’s X-Men ’97 is making quite the buzz on social media. Set to release its season 1 finale on May 15, the show has created a special place in fans’ hearts by keeping alive the aesthetics and the nostalgia of the original X-Men: The Animated Series. Therefore, fans take to social media to offer their unwavering support to DeMayo, despite being fired by Marvel over mysterious reasons.

Beau DeMayo
Beau DeMayo at San Diego Convention Center | image: Instagram/@beau_demayo

Following fans’ gratitude on social media, the creator of the highly anticipated animated series, Beau DeMayo, expressed his heartfelt gratitude. Although he was abruptly fired by Marvel weeks before the show’s release, DeMayo has chosen to focus on the positive and rejoice fans’ appreciation.

Beau DeMayo’s Surprising Termination from Marvel

Despite creating the stunning animated X-Men series that is currently the talk of the town, Marvel shockingly fired Beau DeMayo ahead of the X-Men ’97 release. Although the news was reported by several outlets, the exact reason for DeMayo’s termination remained a mystery.


As per THR reports, while Beau DeMayo was preparing for the launch of X-Men ’97 and even discussing loose ideas for a third season with his teammates, he was abruptly fired by Marvel. Parting ways with the studio over mysterious circumstances, the writer-producer’s company email was deactivated, and his colleagues were informed he was no longer on the project.

Beau DeMayo is the creator of the first season of X-Men '97
A still from Beau DeMayo’s X-Men ’97

Despite the surprising turn of events on the eve of the X-Men ’97’s March 20 debut, Marvel and even Beau DeMayo’s reps refrained from commenting on the termination. However, after the release of the animated show, it sent fans into a frenzy over the iconic storytelling and remarkable animation that brought back the nostalgia from the original X-Men: The Animated Series. 

Beau DeMayo Expressed His Heartfelt Gratitude for Fans’ Support

Now, as the show awaits its finale on May 15, fans of X-Men ’97 offer their unwavering support to Beau DeMayo. Taking to social media, netizens expressed their gratitude towards the creator of the highly anticipated animated series. Fans not only supported DeMayo for his iconic X-Men ’97, which continues to captivate audiences but also for his mysterious termination from Marvel.


Informing Beau DeMayo that they stand in his favor, fans celebrated his dedication to bringing a fresh and exciting take to the beloved mutant characters. Praising his vision for the show, his passion for storytelling, and his ability to weave compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, fans celebrated the success of X-Men ’97.

Despite the unexpected turn of events that led to his abrupt termination, Beau DeMayo chose to focus on the positive and acknowledge the outpouring of support from fans who have rallied behind him on social media. The creator of the show responded to fans’ support by expressing his heartfelt gratitude.


Sharing his deepest appreciation for the fan community who undoubtedly lifted his spirits, Beau DeMayo celebrated his win.

X-Men ’97 is available on Disney+. 


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