“It’d suck to see the quality deteriorate without him”: X-Men ’97 Reportedly Getting Multiple Seasons But Fans Beg Marvel to Bring Beau DeMayo Back

Marvel listen up! Fans want Beau DeMayo back for future X-Men '97 seasons.

“It’d suck to see the quality deteriorate without him”: X-Men ’97 Reportedly Getting Multiple Seasons But Fans Beg Marvel to Bring Beau DeMayo Back


  • Following X-Men '97’s overwhelming praise from fans, Marvel is reportedly planning for multiple seasons.
  • Producer Brad Winderbaum had previously confirmed at least two more seasons of the sequel series.
  • Acknowledging Beau DeMayo’s contribution, fans want Marvel to rehire him for future potential seasons.
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Following the success of X-Men ’97, Marvel reportedly announced their decision to work on multiple consecutive seasons to hold onto the hype and fans’ excitement. The show’s producer, Brad Winderbaum, had previously announced that the show is looking forward to at least two more seasons of the sequel series.

A still from X-Men '97
A still from X-Men ’97 (2024)

But while X-Men ’97 fans have been offered reasons to celebrate, they appear dull and upset with the supposed announcement. Acknowledging the contribution of former showrunner Beau DeMayo, fans appear hooked to the creator as they urge Marvel to bring him back before starting the next season.

Marvel Reportedly Announced Multiple Seasons of X-Men ’97 

Being a sequel series to X-Men: The Animated Series (1992), X-Men ’97 earned overwhelming praise from critics and fans following its release. Keeping up with the tone and the animation reminiscent of the ’90s, the recently released Marvel series explored Cable’s origins, the death of Magneto and Gambit, and eventually ended with S1 E7 focusing on Storm and Forge’s team-up.


Considering the success of X-Men ’97 right after its release, producer Brad Winderbaum confirmed at least two more seasons of the sequel series. In an interview with Phase Zero, Winderbaum revealed that Season 2 production is on track, while Season 3 is already in development. The producer aims to turn X-Men ’97 into the second Marvel series to have three seasons after What If..?

Further, following this announcement, industry scooper Daniel Richtman reported that Marvel Studios is looking forward to turning X-Men ’97 into a multiple-season project. Unwilling to stop after the third installment, Marvel is allegedly planning to milk the success of the show. Although nothing has been confirmed, the report appears to be exciting enough for fans to rejoice. But unfortunately, fans appear upset.


Fans Urge Marvel to Bring Back Beau DeMayo for Next Seasons

Beau DeMayo
Beau DeMayo at San Diego Convention Center | image: Instagram/@beau_demayo

Considering the success of X-Men ’97 and the way the sequel series remained faithful to the original show throughout, fans appear satisfied with Marvel’s efforts. But as Daniel Richtman’s report was corroborated by X-Men Updates, fans lost their minds. Instead of getting happy and excited for further seasons, they seemed worried about something else. And it’s none other than Beau DeMayo.

According to THR, Beau DeMayo was particularly busy at Marvel Studios, preparing for the launch of X-Men ’97, when he suddenly parted ways. Quite shockingly, his company email was deactivated, and the crew associated with the show was informed that he was no longer on the project. Even DeMayo’s Instagram account, once a source for X-Men updates, was deleted. Although there were no reasons for Marvel to fire him, DeMayo seemed to face a surprising turn of events.



Therefore, acknowledging former showrunner Beau DeMayo’s contribution and recalling his sudden exit, fans appeared more focused on bringing him back for helming further seasons. As Marvel reportedly announced their desire to turn X-Men ’97 into a multiple seasoned show, fans began urging the studio to rehire DeMayo to remain faithful to the quality of the project.

X-Men ’97 is available on Disney+.


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