“Lots of citizens didn’t grasp”: X-Men ‘97 Beau DeMayo Agrees With Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld’s Favorite Steven Spielberg Movie That Many Fans Found Too Dark

Tom Cruise & Steven Spielberg’s high-octane collaboration made this Oscar-nominated flick a must-watch… that even these two couldn’t resist discussing it.

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  • Rob Liefeld, the man behind Deadpool, has given Steven Spielberg's Minority Report high marks.
  • In fact, Liefeld listed the 2002 movie as one of his top three Spielberg productions.
  • Beau DeMayo, the writer of X-Men '97, concurred, saying that he “hands down agrees”.
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Have you ever given thought, to which of Steven Spielberg’s works could unite the creative minds behind X-Men ’97 and the very creator of Deadpool? Not to give away too much of the suspense, but it is none other than the dark and cerebral science fiction drama Minority Report.


The film, starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell, was so brilliantly shot and inventive that even Deadpool’s Rob Liefeld, who ranked it among his three best Spielberg experiences, tweeted his admiration for it. Liefeld empathized with those who found the film “too dark”, a sentiment shared in his circles at the time of its release.

Steven Spielberg's Minority Report (2002)
Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report (2002) Image via DreamWorks Pictures

Yet, in a harmonious agreement tagged with insights and nostalgia, X-Men ’97 writer Beau DeMayo chimes in with a solid “hands down agree”.


This similar perspective between comic book visionaries on such a polarizing Spielberg classic undoubtedly invites us to revisit the film through their eyes, revealing layers that the general audience may have missed. So, let’s get started!

Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report Continues to Influence Creators like Beau DeMayo & Rob Liefeld

With over 40 films in his illustrious career and a plethora of classics strewn throughout, Steven Spielberg’s filmography is practically untouchable. He always steps up to the plate and makes the most of his tremendously diverse material, from his debut feature, Duel, to his multiple summer blockbusters and his later, more flourishing work.

Amidst all of this, there are a few obvious masterpieces that are in competition for our attention with more prominent pieces and are easy to miss. One of the most celebrated is probably Minority Report, the epic science-fiction flick he made in 2002 that is still considered to be one of his greatest works of all time.


But it never quite received the credit it deserved. This led to a recent discussion between two of the biggest names in the comic book industry.

Rob Liefeld (Image via Wikimedia Commons| Luigi Novi)
Rob Liefeld (Image via Wikimedia Commons| Luigi Novi)

In a recent X exchange, X-Men ‘97 writer Beau DeMayo and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld discussed their shared appreciation for Minority Report, which many fans found too dark. The latter hailed the film’s astute and imaginative direction, ranking it among Spielberg’s top three.

However, he also acknowledged that the audience did not form a deeper connection with the film, with some viewers finding it “too dark”.


DeMayo quickly responded that he concurred with Liefeld’s assessment of the Tom Cruise starrer. The X-Men ‘97 writer expressed his support for the film in a simple but powerful statement, saying, “Hands down, agree”.

It is fascinating to see two prominent figures in the comic book and animation industries expressing their admiration for a film that challenged and divided critics. Minority Report, based on a story by Philip K. Dick, delves into the techno-noir, whodunit, thriller, and science fiction genres.


The Resonance of ‘Darkness’ in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report

Minority Report (2002)
Minority Report (2002) Image via DreamWorks Pictures

Steven Spielberg’s spellbinding foray into the not-too-distant future with Minority Report has left viewers bewitched but, for some, enveloped in its darker shades. However, despite its critical acclaim and box office success, some fans have found the film to be too dark and unsettling for their tastes.

As someone who appreciates the finesse with which the director marries technology with ethical quandaries, let’s take a few comments from fans to delve into why this 2002 flick was perhaps a tad too dark for certain fans:



Some critics even talked about Spielberg and looked at how important this film was to his development as a director. Salon expressed excitement about the film’s unusually hard edge. 

“Little Steven Spielberg is all grown up now … into of all things a superior film artist … It’s too early to know whether Minority Report, on the heels of A.I., marks a brief detour in Spielberg’s career or a permanent change of course, but either way it’s a dark and dazzling spectacle.”

With over $358 million in revenue against a $102 million production budget, it was a commercial success and earned favorable reviews from critics (via Box Office Mojo). With a film that touts an 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and ignites philosophical debates to this day, we can’t help but admire its impact while recognizing the polarized reception of its tone. 


Irrespective of its bold vision and gripping narrative, Spielberg’s film remains a must-see for those who are willing to delve into its ambitious themes and thought-provoking concepts.

Minority Report is streaming on FuboTV.


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