“I’m not gonna look like that”: Tom Cruise Refused to Gain Weight for $135M Movie to Save Image Despite His Ridiculous Appearance in Robert Downey Jr.’s Tropic Thunder

"I'm not gonna look like that": Tom Cruise Refused to Gain Weight for $135M Movie to Save Image Despite His Ridiculous Appearance in Robert Downey Jr.'s Tropic Thunder

Tom Cruise has always been a popular action star due to his involvement in difficult stunt scenes that he majorly prefers to do by himself. Given that he has perfectly executed some of the most difficult action stunts ever, it would be quite hard to imagine that the actor would not try to adapt what his character requires in a film.

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Tom Cruise
American actor, Tom Cruise

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Something similar happened when he portrayed the role of an infamous pilot turned drug smuggler in the 2017 film, American Made. 

Tom Cruise Denied Altering His Appearance in American Made!

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in American Made

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The 60-year-old actor, Tom Cruise is undoubtedly among Hollywood’s leading actors in the industry who can do difficult stunts with ease. But, when it comes to him changing his appearance for some role, he would likely gonna throw a big no!

The Top Gun actor starred in an action-comedy film, American Made portraying the role of Baton Rouge pilot Barry Seal. For the unversed, Seal was a former TWA pilot turned drug smuggler in the 1980s, who is the inspiration behind this film.


To portray his role, the actor would have to gain weight to look like him however, the former simply denied taking any steps to change himself.

In Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the host told Brian Simpson that he did not gain weight for the role.


 “He didn’t gain weight or anything. He’s like f**k you.

He further added,

I’m not gonna look like that. I’m Tom motherf**king Cruise. I can pretend.

While he has done way dangerous things in his life for the sake of his films, thinking that Cruise would get hyped up over gaining weight might be shocking for fans. But, one might be unable to forget Cruise’s weird character list with Les Grossman being one of them.


Tom Cruise’s Character in Tropic Thunder Was His Creation!

Tom Cruise Character in Tropic Thunder
Tom Cruise as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder 

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While the actor refused to gain weight in the 2017 film, he wore lots of prosthetics to portray a cameo as Les Grossman in Robert Downey Jr.’s film, Tropic Thunder.


During an interview as part of BBC Radio 1’s Movies That Made Me, the Mission: Impossible actor shared that he was behind the creation of this iconic character in the film.

He shared,


“It was one of those moments. I’ve known Ben[Stiller] for many years, and we were watching a film, and I said, ‘Hey, what are you working on?’ He says, ‘I’m working on this film called Tropic Thunder… would you mind reading the script, I’d like to talk to you about it?’”

The actor added some elements that he thought were missing in the script. When he read the revised script, he shared about getting interested in that particular character,

“I said, ‘Okay, this is fun. Do you mind, Ben… I wanna play this character. I wanna have fat hands and I wanna dance.’”

His character was an immense success that boosted his career and also got a nomination at the Golden Globes.


Tropic Thunder is available on Amazon Prime Video meanwhile American Made is available on Netflix.

Source: Joe Rogan Experience 


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