“I’m not sure I could stop Luffy”: Eiichiro Oda Already Has Plans to Take the Straw Hat Pirates’ Journey Ahead of the Egghead Arc

Eiichiro Oda shared his plans for One Piece in 2024 and the series 25th Anniversary celebration.

“I’m not sure I could stop Luffy”: Eiichiro Oda Already Has Plans to Take the Straw Hat Pirates’ Journey Ahead of the Egghead Arc


  • During Jump Festa 2024, Oda san wrote a letter to One Piece fans in which he thanked them for the success he and his series had this year and shared some exciting news about their next adventures.
  • In addition to outlining his strategy to advance the plot past Egghead Island, Oda san made some allusions to the impending battles.
  • Additionally, he pumped up the audience for 2024 and the series' 25th anniversary celebration.
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2023 was a big year for One Piece and for Eiichiro Oda. The anime series finally ended the Wano arc that has been going on since 2019. The manga entered its final saga with the beginning of Egghead Island currently displaying one of the biggest fights in the series. And the series even got success in its first season of the live-action adaptation by Netflix.

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As the fans were grasping on the success of One Piece in the current year, Oda san shared a letter with One Piece fans during the Jump Festa 2024, that not only appreciated the success he and his series achieved this year but also talked about the upcoming adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in their journey to attain One Piece.

Egghead Island Arc
Egghead Island Arc – One Piece

Oda san explained his plans to take the story ahead of Egghead Island and also hinted at the upcoming battles, along with the next destination for the new Yonko. He also hyped up the fans to get excited for 2024 and the 25th-anniversary celebration of the series.

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Eiichiro Oda’s Plan For Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece

During the Jump Festa 2024, Eiichiro Oda shared a letter with the fans which was later tweeted by the official One Piece account on X(Twitter). While the letter focused on a lot of things, the major thing to notice was how Oda san talked about his plans to take the Straw Hat Pirates’s journey ahead of Egghead Island. He said:

“So many characters went through some significant challenges this year. Their world can be a truly terrifying place. If Luffy and crew manage to make it out of Egghead safe and sound do you think they might go to….THAT island?”

He further added:


“I mean, I thought up a route for them that doesn’t involve it but I’m not sure I could stop Luffy, even if I wanted to. If they do go, you know that means there’s gonna be a no-holds-barred struggle to obtain THAT THINGI”

Strawhats in One Piece
Strawhat Pirates in One Piece

Oda san dropped a lot of hints in his letter to increase the excitement for the series in 2024. These hints have not only pointed out the next location of the Straw Hat Pirates but also talked about the struggle they are going to face to obtain the One Piece.

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Eiichiro Oda Hypes Fans For 2024 One Piece

In the letter Oda san also hinted at the outcome of the ongoing clash between two characters in the series. From his hints, it can be theorized that he is talking about Jaygarcia Saturn and Luffy. He said:

“And last but not least the long-awaited clash between THAT PERSON and THAT OTHER PERSON just might have an unexpected outcome!! It’s time! Get hype for next year’s ONE PIECE and the anime’s 25th-anniversary celebration!!”

One Piece has entered it's final arc
One Piece has entered it’s final arc

At the end of the letter, Oda hyped up the fans for the upcoming year as the anime not only marks its 25th-anniversary celebration but also holds a lot of surprises for fans and for the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece.


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