“Luffy never killed any one of his enemies”: Is Kaido Dead? Gear 5 Luffy’s Recent Fight Troubles One Piece Fans

Fans Speculate that Luffy has Killed Kaido in their Battle on Onigashima during the Wano Arc.

"Luffy never killed any one of his enemies": Is Kaido Dead? Gear 5 Luffy's Recent Fight Troubles One Piece Fans


  • Several fans think Kaido is dead since Luffy defeated him and then he lands in a lava-filled volcano.
  • But as the show has repeatedly demonstrated, Luffy just defeats his opponents and goes on with his life—he never kills them.
  • Although there isn't any evidence in the series to suggest that Kaido is dead, falling into the lava would still be fatal for anyone.
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As the Wano arc has finally ended in One Piece and the series has moved towards the Egghead Island arc, there is still one question that has troubled the One Piece fans a lot, and that is whether Kaido is dead or not? After Luffy defeats Kaido he lands in a volcano filled with lava, which leads many fans to believe that he is dead. 

Luffy vs Kaido
Luffy vs Kaido

However, as the series has shown every time that Luffy does not kill his enemies, he just defeats them and moves forward with his life. This may be the first time that many fans have speculated that Luffy might have killed someone which would surely develop an entirely different perspective around his character.

No evidence has been shown in the series that points out the fact that Kaido is killed, but still falling in the lava would kill anyone, even the strongest creature in the world. These ongoing speculations have made fans worry about Luffy’s development in the future and how will it affect the story.


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Luffy Does Not Kill His Enemies

The explanation for why Luffy doesn’t kill anyone in the series was already provided by Eiichiro Oda. A reader queries Oda in the SBS volume 30 as to why Luffy never killed his opponents. In response, Oda said that in the world of One Piece, where characters exist to live out their dreams, it is more tragic than dying for them to have their dreams dashed by Luffy’s victory. 

Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece

As pirates, Luffy and his foes are more concerned with winning and losing than with living. Luffy’s fights are frequently about pride and giving a pirate the opportunity to fight for their dreams rather than killing an enemy. Because Luffy’s adversaries are given the chance to live, they have the opportunity to reappear later in the series, frequently bearing new dreams. 


However, many fans believe that this theory may have changed since after his fight with Kaido in the Wano arc, no information was given about whether Kaido was alive or not, leading fans to speculate that he may have been killed by Luffy.

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Fans Speculate Luffy Killed Kaido

The Kaido is regarded as the world’s strongest creature. He fulfilled all of his life’s ambitions, achieving fame, fortune, and wealth. It was evident when he faced Luffy that Kaido had at last found a cause for excitement and threw himself fully into the battle. 


However, since Luffy has finally beaten him, fans are conjecturing that Kaido died as a result of falling into the blazing lava at the earth’s core. While some believe Kaido is dead, some are against this notion. A video which was shared by @LDI. Martin on YouTube, talked about this fight and whether or not Kaido is alive. Fans filled the comment section with the opinions of their own. 

A fan commented that even lava could not kill Kaido. He said:

“He crushed kaidos dream of dying by showing him not even the earths core can do the job”

Another fan pointing out the fact that Kaido is alive, gave an interesting analogy. He said:


“Imagine, the next time Blackbeard is shown in the Manga, he’s with Kaido and he’s asking Kaido to join his Crew”

One fan stated that Kaido is dead and gave a reason for it too. He said:

“He’s dead just like big mum, oden and whitebeard none of them can survive magma. The bajrang gun can knockout an emperor with a single blow and also we see kaidos life flash before his eyes before he loses consciousness-turning back into human form. Also oda doesn’t keep anyone alive unless they are important for the story, kaido has served his purpose-pushing luffy to a true yonko level.”

Another fan brought out Ace’s death and said:

“I bet the only person luffy ganna kill is the lava guy I forgot his name”

Although Kaido is defeated, anything about him being dead or alive has not yet been confirmed by Oda, thus it is safe to say that as the story has been portrayed multiple times, Luffy doesn’t kill his enemies, Kaido is also alive. It’s just that he has finally found someone who could defeat him.


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