“I’m old as f-ck”: Oscar-Nominee Colman Domingo Delivers a Bittersweet Verdict on His Own Career After Being in the Industry For 33 Years

Colman Domingo, who is nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, spoke about his three-decades long struggle in Hollywood

“I’m old as f-ck”: Oscar-Nominee Colman Domingo Delivers a Bittersweet Verdict on His Own Career After Being in the Industry For 33 Years


  • Colman Domingo's performance as Bayard Rustin in Netflix's Rustin earned him his first Oscar nomination.
  • While speaking with Vanity Fair, Domingo reflected on why it took him thirty-three years to have a major breakthrough.
  • Domingo also addressed the rumors of possibly joining the MCU with a positive response.
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Actor Colman Domingo is best known for his work as Victor Strand in Fear the Walking Dead. However, Domingo achieved critical acclaim for his performance as Bayard Rustin in the biographical drama film Rustin. For the role, Domingo also received his first Best Actor Academy Award nomination.

Colman Domingo in Zola
Colman Domingo in Zola.

In a recent interview, Domingo spoke about his long tenure in Hollywood and how he is only just being recognized for his work. Domingo, who became the first African-Latino man to be nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, also shed light upon why it took so long for him to come to the forefront and showcase the full range of his talent. Here is how Colman Domingo reflected on his career in an interview ahead of the Oscars.

Oscar-Nominee Colman Domingo Looks Back on His 33-Year-Long Career

After his Emmy Award-winning role in Euphoria, Colman Domingo continued to prove himself as a versatile actor with roles in commercial and experimental films. However, the trajectory of the 54-year-old actor’s career changed drastically with 2023’s Rustin, which netted him his first Oscar nomination.

Rumors about Colman Domingo replacing Jonathan Majors as Kang have been circulating over the internet
Colman Domingo in Rustin

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Domingo reflected upon his long career and spoke about finally having his moment as a lead actor in Rustin. Domingo stated that he has never seen a black or a white actor have a career trajectory that mirrors his own.

“I’m old as fuck. It’s true. I’ve been working for 33 years. For me to have this time now, it is because people have caught up with what I actually do.”

Domingo made the above statement reflecting on his journey in Hollywood, which has spanned nearly three decades. Domingo made his screen acting debut in 1995 and has consistently worked his way up to securing more prominent roles.

Domingo’s work in Zola and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom brought him serious recognition before the role of Bayard Rustin. However, Domingo’s statement implies that his recent success did not come overnight and is a result of his decades-long hard work, which is only just paying off because people are watching his movies.


Colman Domingo Addresses MCU and Kang the Conqueror Rumors

2023 was a big year for Domingo as it brought the much-deserved spotlight on the actor. However, Domingo’s star continues to rise in Hollywood as he has been linked with joining the MCU, one of the biggest movie franchises.


Colman Domingo in Fear the Walking Dead
Colman Domingo in Fear the Walking Dead

During the same interview with Vanity Fair, Domingo addressed the rumors of him taking over the role of Kang the Conqueror after actor Jonathan Majors was fired by Marvel Studios. Domingo stated the following about joining the MCU:


“My team has had conversations with Marvel about some aspect of the MCU for years. Do I know this to be true or not? I actually don’t know.”

Domingo admitted that his team had held conversations with Marvel but implied that a concrete offer wasn’t made to the actor. Nonetheless, Domingo stated that he would be down for joining the MCU. Hence, given all the speculation and Domingo’s interest in the MCU, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he is cast as Kang the Conqueror soon.

Rustin is streaming on Netflix.

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