“I’m really going to quit”: Clint Eastwood’s “Worst” Movie Was So Bad He Wanted to Quit Acting and Start Doing Other Jobs

"I'm really going to quit": Clint Eastwood's "Worst" Movie Was So Bad He Wanted to Quit Acting and Start Doing Other Jobs
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Clint Eastwood is undoubtedly one of the most amazing actors to have been on the silver screen. His talent as an actor is matched by his prowess as a director, with numerous awards to his credit. He is truly a legend in the industry. What sets him apart is that even at the age of 93, he continues to act and direct, and his latest film, Cry Macho, released in 2021, stands as proof of his unrelenting dedication. It is truly remarkable for anyone to maintain such a level of commitment and passion at that age.


However, his journey toward success hasn’t been an easy enough ride.

In an interview, he revealed that there was a time when he seriously contemplated giving up acting altogether. This decision was triggered by his involvement in what he considered to be the “worst movie ever made.”

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood Wanted To Quit Because of This Movie

Clint Eastwood often reflects on his gratitude for the fortunate position he holds today. He vividly recalls a conversation with his father when he made the decision to drop out of college in Los Angeles and pursue acting wholeheartedly.

His father, offering words of caution, advised him not to become too consumed by the unpredictable nature of the industry, as it could potentially lead to disappointment.


“He said, ‘Don’t get too wrapped up in that, it could be really disappointing. I said, ‘I think it’s worth a try.’ But I always remember it could have gone the other way.”

Eastwood, however, remained determined and expressed his belief that it was worth taking a chance. Nevertheless, he always acknowledged that things could have turned out differently.

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In fact, Eastwood’s career did come close to taking a different path when he found himself cast in a film that failed to resonate with him. During his early days, he secured a role in a Fox movie called Ambush at Cimarron Pass. Recalling this experience, Eastwood shared his opinion, labeling it as “probably the worst film ever made.”


“I went to see it and I saw that film and I said I’m through. I’ve got to go back to school. I’ve got to do something else, I’ve got to get a job of other sorts,”

The production was completed in a mere eight days, leaving little room for quality or refinement.

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood

After watching Cimarron Pass, Eastwood felt disheartened and contemplated quitting the industry altogether. He felt compelled to return to school or explore alternative career paths.

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What Made Clint Eastwood Continue His Passion For Acting?

Million Dollar Baby holds significant historical significance on multiple fronts. Directed by and featuring Clint Eastwood, this remarkable film not only claimed the prestigious title of Best Picture at the 2004 Academy Awards but also earned Hilary Swank an Oscar for her outstanding performance as the lead actress. However, one aspect of the film that often goes unnoticed is its role in reigniting Eastwood’s passion for acting.

“I think I started saying that back a few years ago, I said, ‘I don’t think I’ll act anymore, I’ll stay behind the camera,’ and then Million Dollar Baby came along and I liked that role”

Clint Eastwood FandomWire
Clint Eastwood

Despite previously declaring his intentions to step away from on-screen performances and concentrate more on filmmaking, he experienced a change of heart that propelled him back into the world of acting.

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