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“I’m royalty”: $40M Rich Lizzo Brands Herself a Disney Princess Following ‘The Mandalorian’ Cameo

"I'm royalty": $40M Rich Lizzo Brands Herself a Disney Princess Following 'The Mandalorian' Cameo

Melissa Viviane Jefferson who also goes by the stage name “Lizzo” has become a popular name in the music industry in very little time. She started her rapping career in the year 2013 with her first solo album, Lizzobangers. The album was well-received by fans and she even went on a tour after.

Lizzo didn’t stop by giving us just one outstanding album though. In 2014, she introduced the world to a brand new music album named Big Grrrl Small World. Apart from giving some great raps for the audience to cherish, she also went on to dabble in an acting career. She appeared for the first time in a supporting role in a crime-drama film, Hustlers.

Star Wars Franchise Welcomes Lizzo

Lizzo in The Mandalorian
Lizzo in The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian series has continued to win the hearts of fans with season 3, which premiered on March 1, 2023. Currently, a total of 6 episodes are already out with the 7th one scheduled to be dropping today. In episode 6, fans received a surprise cameo from the famous rapper Lizzo. She played the role of Plazir-15 leader, The Dutchess in Chapter 22: Guns for Hire, and has shared her excitement about the same on Tik Tok.

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Lizzo was on cloud nine when she shared her enthusiasm for featuring in The Mandalorian with fans. In the video, she mentions that now she can finally call herself a Disney Princess.

“Y’all, I just realized that I’m royalty in Star Wars, which is Disney, which makes me a Disney princess.”

Further, she also shared an emotional Instagram post about her reaction when she first got offered the role and how she felt after achieving her forever Star Wars dream.

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Lizzo Details Her Star Wars Dream


Recently, Lizzo shared photos of her character from The Mandalorian along with a long caption about achieving the role. She revealed that her father introduced her to the Star Wars films. Soon, the trilogy became her favorite, just like her dad. When she got a call from Jon Favreau in regard to a role in the Pedro Pascal-led series, she couldn’t control her emotions and cried all day thinking that her dad will be so proud after hearing the news.

Further, she thanked the Star Wars team for giving her the opportunity to do the cameo.

“Star Wars was a dream I never thought was possible— but thanks to Jon, Bryce, and everyone in the galaxy I am now part of the ever-expanding saga of the stars. I am in honorable company and forever grateful. This is The Way…. and May the Force be with you.”

Star Wars wasn’t the only dream the Truth Hurts rapper had. Once Lizzo sat down with Cosmopolitan where she expressed interest in being a part of The Bachelorette. The 34-year-old artist thinks if she ever starred on the show, it would become the coolest season.

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