“I’m the mayor of Dunkin’”: Ben Affleck Has Some Competition From His Own Brother When It Comes To Dunkin’ Donuts

Ben Affleck faces off against brother Casey in a friendly yet fierce battle for Dunkin' dominance.

“I’m the mayor of Dunkin’”: Ben Affleck Has Some Competition From His Own Brother When It Comes To Dunkin’ Donuts


  • Casey Affleck's SNL sketch parodied Dunkin' Donuts ads, showcasing a humorous portrayal of a troublemaking customer.
  • Affleck's role in the skit provided comedic insight into Dunkin' culture, highlighting his versatility as an actor.
  • Ben Affleck's latest Dunkin' Donuts Super Bowl ad underscores his love for the brand, featuring him and the DunKings.
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In the Hollywood scene, there was a competition brewing in the Affleck family, but it wasn’t on the big screen; it was over Dunkin’ Donuts. Ben Affleck, known for hitting up Dunkin’ often, found himself challenged by his brother, Casey Affleck, in the race for Dunkin’ supremacy since he also loved Dunkin’ Donuts.

Ben Affleck in Argo
Ben Affleck in Argo

The 48-year-old had even done a Dunkin’ Donuts ad before. Both brothers showed off their love for the iconic coffee chain, leaving fans wondering who’d snatch the Dunkin’ Donuts crown. As the battle unfolded, it was clear that the Affleck family had a deep passion for coffee and donuts, spicing up their sibling rivalry.

Casey Affleck Played A Genuine Dunkin’ Regular

Casey Affleck jumped into the role of a regular Dunkin’ Donuts customer in a previous Saturday Night Live sketch. Instead of being the usual cheerful type you see in commercials, he played a bit of a troublemaker, poking fun at the chain’s ads.


With a thick Boston accent and a Bruins cap, Affleck’s character boasted about his love for Dunkin’, even calling himself “the mayor of Dunkin’.”

Casey Affleck
Casey Affleck

While other customers chatted about the app and fancy drinks, Affleck’s character talked about his daily Dunkin’ routine, which included grabbing a cruller, chugging a large coffee, and smoking inside the store. He said in the commercial,

“I [expletive]’ love Dunkin’, what are you talkin’ bout? Yeah, I come down to Dunkin’ every day. Grab a cruller, have an extra large, three Parliaments, take a big dump, that’s kind of the routine.” 

Things went south when Affleck accidentally hit his friend, causing chaos. The skit ended with him being mocked by another customer and then throwing his coffee at their car. Affleck’s SNL episode also featured a skit where he and Chance the Rapper tried to decorate the Rockefeller Christmas tree, but failed miserably.


Affleck’s role as the Dunkin’ regular was a hilarious look into the world of Dunkin’ fans, showing off his funny side. And hey, Affleck isn’t the only one in the family with a Dunkin’ obsession, Ben Affleck loves it too.

Their friendly competition over Dunkin’ just adds to the fun. And the 51-year-old even started a super Bostonian boy band called The DunKings, keeping the Dunkin’ love alive.

Ben Affleck’s Latest Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl Ad Highlights His Affection For The Brand

Hey, let’s talk about The Town star and his serious Dunkin’ Donuts obsession. Recently, the actor was all over a new Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl ad.


Imagine him rocking his Boston gear, leading a boyband called the DunKings, and trying to bring some Boston vibes to J.Lo’s studio with Matt Damon and Tom Brady. Affleck even teased us with a Popstar campaign before dropping the official 2024 Super Bowl commercial.

Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Spot aired during Super Bowl LVIII
Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ Spot aired during Super Bowl LVIII

And get this: the DunKings are inspiring new Dunkin’ treats like the DunKings Iced Coffee and MUNCHKINS Skewers. Talk about true Dunkin’ dedication!

But hold up, Affleck’s love for Dunkin’ isn’t new. He’s been hooked for years, with paparazzi shots of him always holding a Dunkin’ cup and interviews where he raves about his favorite orders. It’s like he and Dunkin’ were made for each other.


And let’s not forget the memes. Remember that bored face meme from the 2023 Grammys? Well, Affleck responded by dropping a Dunkin’ Donuts ad during this year’s Grammys, featuring Charli D’Amelio. Fans went wild!

Now, about that Super Bowl ad. The DunKings‘ attempt to get their song on J.Lo’s new album didn’t go as planned, but it did inspire some tasty new Dunkin’ treats.

In the end, Affleck’s Dunkin’ journey isn’t just about coffee, it’s about community, creativity, and a whole lot of Boston pride. So here’s to Affleck, the Dunkin’ Donuts superfan we never knew we needed. Cheers to many more years of Dunkin’ adventures!


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