“The world is different now”: Film Critics Claim Batman is More Relevant Than Superman For DC’s Current Viewers For a Good Reason

Following a discussion with film critics, the general opinion was that Batman held more relatability as a character than Superman.

“The world is different now”: Film Critics Claim Batman is More Relevant Than Superman For DC’s Current Viewers For a Good Reason


  • Ahead of Superman: Legacy, film critics discussed the relevance of DC’s most celebrated superheroes, Batman and Superman.
  • They felt that Batman’s legacy and storyline mirrored modern day problems and emotions more effectively than Superman.
  • The experts also added that a Batman film always hit front and center when compared to a Superman film.
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Choosing between DC’s cult superheroes Superman and Batman might feel like being forced to pick one parent over the other. Over the years, the two celebrated icons of the franchise have each carved their own legacy through various narratives that have defined their unique aesthetic as saviors of Planet Earth.

Batman and Superman
Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman

While Clark Kent aka Superman has been the hero of the masses in a sense, Bruce Wayne aka Batman’s significantly darker arc has found a more grounded relatability with the character’s fan base. Now, with James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy set to kick off the DCU, critics are debating if the powerful superhero is truly relevant to the times we live in when compared to his compatriot Batman.

Does Batman Echo The Sentiments Of Viewers More Than Superman?

The DC franchise has been shouldered by the presence of two great icons over the years namely Batman and Superman. Without dispute, the two superheroes have inspired generations of comic book fans and audiences to believe in their supreme powers. With both characters having very different pasts that have inspired their individual journey and legacy, their stories have touched the chords of millions of fans across the world.

Critics felt that Batman connected more with audiences than Superman in today’s world.

With James Gunn’s magnum opus Superman: Legacy due to hit screens in 2025, a lot of discussion has been going on related to the history of the two iconic DC heroes and their relevance with modern audiences. In a recent brainstorming session at The Sci Fi Center (via X), film critics took a deep-dive into the impact of Batman and Superman and their relatability to viewers of today. Speaking of the Caped Crusader as a mirror to modern day problems, one critic gave a beautiful analogy that summarized this thought.

“Superman is what we aspire to be for a certain amount of time. Batman is the reality of the cynicism that we are. All you got to do is look around you, and you see more Batman around you. The world is different now. We relate and we cling on to things”

The critic also went on to add that a Superman film will not hit the gut in the same way as a film on Batman for the reasons that he elaborated upon in the discussion. With experts in the field having given their verdict on both superheroes, the ball is now in James Gunn’s court to decide on how he will project Superman in the film.

Will Alan Ritchson Make A Good Batman In James Gunn’s DCU?

James Gunn has been dangling the carrot in front of DC fans consistently with news relating to his casting choices for the newly-minted DCU. After officially signing on David Corenswet to replace Henry Cavill as Superman, the director has also confirmed that Nicholas Hoult, Rachel Brosnahan, and Milly Alcock will play Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, and Supergirl respectively.

Alan Ritchson
Fans believe that Reacher star Alan Ritchson will make a good Batman

The other marquee character who is yet to be cast is Batman following the exit of Ben Affleck. While there has been no information regarding this from the Gunn camp, fans have been throwing up the name of Reacher star Alan Ritchson as someone who can physically and emotionally carry off the coveted role. The Hunger Games  actor felt grateful to be a part of these discussions. Speaking to the Post Credits Podcast of BroBible, Ritchson said,

“The fact that people are interested in me playing Batman is a real honor and privilege. It’s one of the first characters I fell in love with as a child. I still remember the big, long pistol coming out of Joker’s pants as he goes to shoot down the Batplane.

Being a self-confessed fanboy of Batman, the celebrity revealed that it was a full circle moment for him to be a talking point among fans after he grew up admiring the superhero and his legacy. Time will tell if James Gunn will pick up the buzz surrounding Ritchson and call him for an audition.


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