“I’m too talented to care”: Hollywood Legend Who Broke Records With Back to Back Oscars Blasted Method Acting Before Christian Bale Made it Cool

"I'm too talented to care": Hollywood Legend Who Broke Records With Back to Back Oscars Blasted Method Acting Before Christian Bale Made it Cool
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The Hollywood entertainment industry is filled with legends who are often known for either their versatile acting skills or techniques of method acting. While the Golden Age of Hollywood was filled with naturalist actors like the two times Oscar winner Spencer Tracy, the modern era is known for method actors like Christian Bale. 

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

However, before the Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale made method acting popular and quite cool for the entertainment sector, the late veteran actor Spencer Tracy purposefully slammed the technique. Finding himself “too talented” to adapt to the modern skill, Tracy blasted method acting with his back-to-back Oscar wins. 

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Christian Bale’s Grueling Transformation And Method Acting

Although a lot of actors in Hollywood prepare for their roles and get submerged in their onscreen character, no one does it better than Christian Bale. Punishing his body and mind with physical and mental transformation, Bale goes beyond preparation for his roles. Immersing himself completely into being someone he isn’t, the Oscar-winning actor implies the well-known technique of method acting. 

Christian Bale
Bale is known for implementing method acting

Originally invented by Russian actor Konstantin Stanislavski in the 1900s, Christian Bale adapted the method to deliver phenomenal performances in his movies. Although method acting has somewhat become a misunderstood art form due to its exhausting process, Bale seems to be pursuing it without hesitation. Without formal acting training, the Batman actor became one of the most versatile actors with his method acting skills. 

Christian Bale in The Machinist
Christian Bale’s grueling transformation for films

Becoming a megastar, Christian Bale often distances himself from people during his preparation process for the role. Often undergoing an unrecognizable process of transformation to fit the look and feel of his film character, Bale becomes hard to approach for his co-stars. But this is what catapulted him to fame and got him the recognition he deserves. Thus, despite people’s opinions on method acting, Bale inculcated the skill for his own benefit. 


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Spencer Tracy Blasted Method Acting With His Versatility 

Evidently, before Christian Bale adapted the method acting technique, it was considered an art form, for the talentless stars. Often misunderstood for its way, the skill was even blasted by one of the Hollywood legends Spencer Tracy. Known for his versatile acting skills and natural style, the actor from the 1930s purposefully slammed the skill after he was asked to adapt. 

Spencer Tracy
Spencer Tracy

The kids keep telling me I should try this new ‘method acting’ but I’m too old, I’m too tired, and I’m too talented to care.” Spencer Tracy claimed. 

While his statement sounds quite haughty, Tracy certainly earned every right to speak with an attitude, especially after winning two back-to-back Oscars. Ever since he set the record with his achievement following Captains Courageous (1938) and Boys Town (1939), no one could reach the same status except Tom Hanks. 

Spencer Tracy
Spencer Tracy mocked method acting

Being a phenomenal actor of his generation and having a daunting Hollywood career, Spencer Tracy refused to mold himself for method acting. 

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