In Love With “Schitt’s Creek”? These 29 Behind-The-Scenes Facts Will Make You More Obsessed With The Show

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It’s been more than 8 months since the final episode of Schitt’s Creek aired. The comedy goldmine, which follows a rich family who loses it all and starts life over in a small-town motel, has become a cult favorite since its premiere in 2015.


At the 2020s Emmy Awards, Schitt’s Creek won nine prizes – breaking the Emmys record for most wins in a single season for a comedy. As we celebrate the show’s success, take a glimpse back at some little-known facts about the Canadian comedy classic.


When filming the Herb Ertlinger fruit wine commercial, they actually filmed a version where Moira vomits after finishing her speech — Catherine O’Hara hilariously suggested it.

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A fan once told Dan Levy that he used David’s iconic “I like the wine and not the label” metaphor to come out to his family

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When Patrick sings the cover of “Simply the Best” to David, Noah Reid actually composed this version of the song himself.

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Also, Catherine cried through the entire “Simply the Best” scene — basically, it was hard to get a take that didn’t feature Moira weeping.

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Moira’s iconic pronunciation of “bébé” was created by Catherine during filming.

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Annie Murphy co-wrote “A Little Bit Alexis” with her husband Menno Versteeg, who fronts the band Hollerado.

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Also, when Dan and Eugene Levy were originally pitching the show, Alexis’s character description included that she had a reality show called A Little Bit Alexis.

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Eugene absolutely hated filming the scene when Johnny’s hair gets wet from the drip in the motel.

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While filming the hilarious “fold in the cheese” moment, Dan came up with the idea that Moira should pronounce “enchilada” like “un-chilada” and he was nervous to give Catherine the note at first.

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One of the scenes Annie and Tim Rozon performed during their chemistry read was when Alexis finds out about Twyla and Mutt sleeping together.

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It took hairstylist Ana Sorys several weeks to figure out how to make Moira’s hair crown, and the original wig was only 40 inches long, so Ana added an extra 20 inches.

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Growing up, Emily Hampshire’s dream role was playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret — she even told Dan this when they were filming Season 1.

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In real life, Annie and Dustin Milligan are about the same height, so when Annie has Alexis’s heels on, Dustin actually had to stretch or stand on a box to kiss her.

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Catherine laughed the hardest while filming the scene when David and Moira are selling Allez-Vous makeup and David has bronzer all over his face.

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Once Annie found the perfect inflection for the iconic way Alexis says “David,” she would add “David” into as many lines as she could.

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Although we only see a short portion of Moira singing “Danny Boy,” Catherine sang the entire song during one take.

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Dan got to keep Rose Apothecary’s first receipt, which Patrick gave to David on their first date in Season 3.

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Dan rewrote the moment when Patrick and David are in the car before they kiss for the first time while on the way to set — Dan was actually on the phone with Noah telling him the new lines.

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Eugene’s favorite episode of Schitt’s Creek is “Meet the Parents,” when Patrick comes out to his parents.

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 When they filmed “The Hike,” it was really hot out that day and there was poison ivy everywhere when David and Patrick were walking up the trail.

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It took nearly seven hours to film the moment when David is on the obstacle course in the air while Patrick, Alexis, and Ted watch — Dan said he got “very wobbly” while filming and Annie kept forgetting her lines.

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One of the last scenes Dustin and Annie filmed together was when Ted and Alexis heartbreakingly say goodbye to each other.

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Also, Dan and the writers wrote about “seven drafts” of Alexis and Ted’s breakup scene before they landed on what is shown in the episode.

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The moment when Moira and David perform the Christmas medley together was originally only supposed to include Moira, but Catherine suggested Dan join in.

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Dan was nervous to film the moment when David lip-synchs “Simply the Best” to Patrick — Dan said it’s one of the few scenes he doesn’t think he’ll ever watch from the show.

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Both Annie and Emily think one of the funniest scenes to film was when the crows attack everyone at the Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening premiere — all of the birds were CGI, so they were reacting to nothing while filming.



The last scene the cast and crew ever filmed at Café Tropical was when Twyla reveals to Alexis that she’s actually a multi-millionaire.


The entire cast actually joined the Jazzagals when they recorded the vocals for “Precious Love” and “Simply the Best” for David and Patrick’s wedding.



In Schitt’s Creek, The last scene of Annie, Dan, and Catherine filmed was when David, Alexis, Patrick, and Stevie say goodbye to Moira and Johnny outside the motel, so a lot of those tears are genuine.


Schitt’s Creek is a 10/10 recommendation for anyone who just needs a good laugh and a good smile. Stream Schitt’s Creek exclusively on Netflix.





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