“In Shanghai he’s like a God”: Jack Black’s Jaw Dropped After Realizing Jackie Chan’s True Power After Their First Meeting in China

Jack Black was mesmerized by Chan's influence in Shanghai.

“In Shanghai he's like a God”: Jack Black’s Jaw Dropped After Realizing Jackie Chan’s True Power After Their First Meeting in China


  • Jackie Chan is an iconic figure in the entertainment industry known for his impressive filmography and representation of Chinese culture.
  • Jack Black worked with him on three Kung Fu Panda films despite never meeting him in person before
  • Black and Chan met recently in Shanghai during a junket and Black left mid-interview to meet Chan
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There are iconic figures in the entertainment industry whose fame has crossed international boundaries and enthralled viewers everywhere. Jackie Chan is one such example. From his impressive filmography to his charitable work, the Hong Kong star has not only wowed audiences, but also emerged as a beloved representative of Chinese culture. And, it won’t be wrong if we say he has special attention in Shanghai. 


Well, Jack Black, known for his raucous comedic brilliance, was left completely mesmerized after learning of the true level of Chan’s influence in Shanghai. They first collaborated for 2008’s action-comedy blockbuster Kung Fu Panda. Due to their flawless comedic timing and mastery of martial arts, they spellbound audiences with their chemistry, and the film’s success cemented their status as entertainment legends.   

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

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Jack Black and Jackie Chan’s First Meeting in China After 10 Years of Collaboration

Will you believe it if we tell you that Jackie Chan and Jack Black worked together on three Kung Fu Panda films despite Black having previously stated he had never met Chan in person? Yes, The latter once lamented not having met the Fist of Fury actor in person despite working with him for so long on TBS’ Conan talk show in one of his earlier appearances:

“We have worked together literally for 10 years, side by side, on one of the most successful franchises of all time. But never met the man—never so much as a high five; not even a glance from across the room. We have never been within hundreds of yards of each other.”

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Then, he recalled an event that occurred “a couple of weeks ago” when he had the chance to meet Chan:

“So recently, like a couple of weeks ago, in China, in Shanghai, and I’m doing a junket, doing some interviews, talking about the movie, and then a dude comes up and says, ‘Mr. Chan would like to speak with you.’ I was like, ‘yeah, I am following’.”

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Jackie Chan’s True Power In China Astounded Jack Black

Jack Black
Jack Black

Unquestionably, Jackie Chan is a global icon, but his true power is felt most strongly in his native China. He has not only dazzled audiences but was also an idol for Jack Black, who shared his experience and recalled how he left mid-interview to meet The Big Brawl star. He explained on the Conan talk show:

“Then I left the middle of the interview, and we went to a special elevator. [Oh my god] This is happening because I have been dying to meet him and we get to a special hotel suite penthouse. Jackie Chan is famous everywhere, but in Shanghai, he is like a god.”

Chris Tucker And Jackie Chan
Rush Hour Star, Chris Tucker And Jackie Chan

Even Chris Tucker shared similar feelings after reuniting with his Rush Hour co-star in China. He told on The Late Late Show with James Corden that Chan was the “Only person I know in China”.

The American stand-up comedian-actor, 52, further recalled:


“Jackie took care of us — we went to a different restaurant every night. He’s the man. Jackie owns everything. He’s like, ‘You like hotel? That’s my hotel!’ …”

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

Tucker still maintains close friendships with the Hong Kong icon despite the passage of time since the two last appeared together on screen. Meanwhile, Chan confirmed that the fourth movie (Rush Hour 4) was in development in December 2022. 

Kung Fu Panda films are streaming on Netflix.

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