“Iñaki is Tom Holland’s long lost brother”: Iñaki Godoy Almost Followed the Footsteps of Tom Holland and Gave a Major One Piece Spoiler Before Emily Rudd Saved the Day

Iñaki Godoy gave away major One Piece spoiler

"Iñaki is Tom Holland's long lost brother": Iñaki Godoy Almost Followed the Footsteps of Tom Holland and Gave a Major One Piece Spoiler Before Emily Rudd Saved the Day


  • Iñaki Godoy gave away major One Piece spoiler while giving an interviewed to WIRED on YouTube. But thankfully Emily Rudd was there to shush him.
  • During Gol D. Roger's execution, a mystery female was shown. That woman is speculated to be Sir Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords.
  • One of the members of the Revolutionary Army, Ivankov, used his Horu Horu no Mi to change Sir Crocodile from a female to a male.
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Wild fan theories are an everyday thing for One Piece. Now and then, people get to hear about new theories. While some are interesting, others are debunked as soon as they are told. Previously, it was just the One Piece anime. But with the inclusion of the live adaptation, the fandom has already started with the fan theories surrounding it.


The One Piece Live Action cast has been going around and hosting several interviews and promotional videos to promote their new Netflix series. One such video featured Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy. But Iñaki Godoy is as simple-minded as Monkey D. Luffy and mistakenly gave away a major spoiler. Even though Emily Rudd was there to save the day, the spoiler has provided gasoline to the fire of one of One Piece‘s wild fan theories.

One Piece Spoiler That Sparked A Debate Online

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy

Emily Rudd (Nami) and Iñaki Godoy (Monkey D. Luffy), along with other Strawhats, were giving an interview on WIRED when suddenly he gave away a major One Piece spoiler. When Iñaki Godoy was asked who all were present at Roger’s execution, he said Mihawk, Shanks, and Crocodile. Hearing Crocodile, Emily Rudd tried to shush him. But it was already late. The damage had already been done.


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In One Piece Live Action, Shanks and Mihawk were present at Roger’s execution. There was a female character present. Godoy’s answer pointed out that that woman was Sir Crocodile. It has revived the age-old theory of Sir Crocodile being a girl. The theory states that initially, Sir Crocodile was a girl, but with the help of Ivankov, he was able to change his gender and become a male.

Mystery Woman At Gol D. Roger's Execution in One Piece Live Action
Mystery Woman At Gol D. Roger’s Execution

The dress of the woman matched that of the people of Alabasta. So, it sparked a new debate online. In the anime, Ivankov teased Crocodile that he would tell everyone his secret. To this end, Sir Crocodile was rather agitated. Moreover, Ivankov calls him Croco-boy. He emphasizes the ‘boy’ part just to tease him.


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Fans React To Iñaki Godoy’s Spoiler

The fans were quick to react to the huge spoiler that Iñaki Godoy just spilled. After the huge blunder, the YouTube comment section was flooded with comments. Some fans said, “Iñaki is Tom Holland’s long lost brother,” while others said, “He is literally Luffy even in real life cuz he is very transparent.” Even though it was a spoiler, there has never been any official confirmation on this matter.

Sir Crocodile
Sir Crocodile

Eiichiro Oda has always been very secretive. Only when the time comes will he reveal his secrets. Another theory surrounding Sir Crocodile is that he was Luffy’s mother. It is another instance that points to Sir Crocodile being a girl at some point in time. Even Oda confirmed that the anime has already shown Luffy’s mother. Until Oda sensei confirms this, it will remain a wild theory.


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