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Industry Insider Confirms $10M Rich Expendables Star Won’t Be Joining Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3: “He’ll never let him anywhere near this movie”

Industry Insider Confirms $10M Rich Expendables Star Won’t Be Joining Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Deadpool movie as the third installment finally makes its debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Wolverine star Hugh Jackman. That’s another dream come true for the avid fans who have been wishing for this tandem to happen on screen.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

The multiple cameo of various heroes is one of the most anticipated events in Deadpool 3. While many beloved characters are set to reprise their roles, one legacy hero reportedly won’t be making his appearance. It seems that the reason has something to do with a bad experience.

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Wesley Snipes Won’t Be In Deadpool 3 Due To Past Beef With Ryan Reynolds

A post claiming Wesley Snipes returning for Deadpool 3 has been making rounds online, with his character Blade set to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This scoop was immediately shot down by industry insider MyTimeToShineHello, who added that Ryan Reynolds had previous beef with The Expendables star:

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Ryan Reynolds (AND Halle Berry, who’s also in Deadpool 3) have a bad history with Wesley Snipes. He’ll never let him anywhere near this movie.”

Wesley Snipes in Blade
Wesley Snipes in Blade

The original post from Caiden Reed also claimed that the author of the article only concocted the rumor to stir up conversations online. He said:

No, he isn’t. I can confirm he’s not and that’s because Blade trilogy was Sony and the focus in Deadpool 3 is about the Fox characters. Another BS (per usual) from Mikey Sutton and his made-up sources.”

There had been reports that Wesley Snipes used to act like a diva on the set of Blade Trinity, where he starred alongside Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. The movie’s cinematographer, Theo Van De Sande once revealed to Entertainment Weekly that “Wesley moved through the production only as a hero,” which caused a lot of tension among the cast and crew. On top of that, he used method acting, and his stoic personality even on breaks kept everyone on edge.

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Ryan Reynolds Had A Difficult Time Working With Wesley Snipes

Blade Trinity
Blade Trinity

In an interview with IGN, Ryan Reynolds confessed his true feelings toward Snipes as a fellow actor. When asked about the controversial tension on the set of Blade Trinity, he responded:

My personality is the polar opposite of Wesley. I never met Wesley, I only met Blade, and he is a method actor.”

Reynolds felt that there had been an invisible barrier between him and Snipes. The Free Guy star tried to break him out of character but to no avail. He even attempted to make him laugh, but “the guy’s Blade.” Reynolds recalled it was a “challenging process”:

There’s a moment in the movie where I look up at Jessica, and I swear to God, I didn’t even know the cameras were rolling anymore, and I say, ‘He hates me, doesn’t he?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah.’

Ryan Reynolds also claimed that Snipes looked at him “like he’s gonna turn me into a** pulp.” It looks like the past has not been buried, and the vampire hunter is forbidden to set foot in Wade Wilson’s world.

Deadpool 3 will hit theaters on May 3, 2024.

Sources: Twitter, EW, IGN

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