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Industry Insider Grace Randolph Blasts Rumored ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ Director Sam Raimi: “Dude couldn’t even watch 9 half hour episodes of WandaVision”

Industry Insider Grace Randolph Blasts Rumored 'Avengers: Secret Wars' Director Sam Raimi: "Dude couldn't even watch 9 half hour episodes of WandaVision"

Since the beginning of the year 2023, Secret Wars fans have been debating who will direct the future Secret Wars film. Last year, in 2022, word spread on the internet that Michael Waldron had begun writing a story for the next part of Avengers: Secret Wars. According to sources, the film’s producers are looking for an experienced director.

Sam Raimi at an event
Sam Raimi at an event

 Numerous names are being floated as potential directors for the films, but the producers have yet to settle on one. According to reports, Sam Raimi is being considered to direct the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Grace Randolph takes a jibe at Sam Raimi on Twitter 

Sam Raimi at an event
Sam Raimi at an event

Grace Randolph is an American reporter and outspoken critic of Hollywood. When it comes to offering honest critiques regarding movies and actors’ acting performances, the 36-year-old is unrivaled. She is also regarded as an insider in the Hollywood industry. Audiences frequently consider her reviewers, and the reporter has a large following. Her cinematic comments and reviews are taken into account on multiple levels. 

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The 36-year-old reporter was not thrilled with the news that Sam Raimi’s name was being considered to direct Avengers: Secret Wars. She poked fun at Raimi on Twitter, writing,


“SamRaimi to maybe direct SecretWars, based on DECADES of movies and shows?Dude couldn’t even watch 9 half-hour episodes of WandaVision.”

Randolph was eager to remind everyone that Raimi said he didn’t watch the WandaVision. Many netizens agreed with Randolph and even tweeted about how he may be the best choice as a director for Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Sam Raimi said he only watched the key moments from Wanda Vision 

Sam Raimi at an event
Sam Raimi at an event

The character Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, was included in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Raimi was questioned during an interview if he watched WandaVision before directing the character into the film. Raimi explained that he had only watched key moments from the sitcom to understand the details of Elizabeth Olsen’s character. 

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He said he watched only those key episodes and significant moments that were important for the storyline, Raimi said,

“I never even saw all of ‘WandaVision’; I’ve just seen key moments of some episodes that I was told directly impact our storyline. I’m not really sure what the ‘WandaVision’ schedule was or how it changed. I just know that halfway, or maybe three-quarters of the way into our writing process, I’d first heard of this show they were doing and that we would have to follow it.”

Olsen stated that her experiences working on WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness were vastly different. The actress stated that the producers and director Raimi were incredibly encouraging throughout the filming, explaining every small detail to her. 

Source: Indie Wire; Twitter


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