Industry Insider Grace Randolph Exacts Revenge on James Gunn After Superman: Legacy Director Allegedly Called Her a Liar

Grace Randolph exacted revenge on James Gunn by turning his own words against him!

Industry Insider Grace Randolph Exacts Revenge on James Gunn After Superman: Legacy Director Allegedly Called Her a Liar


  • Grace Randolph is an American reporter, film critic, and, industry insider who has often talked about the DCU.
  • Being the archnemesis of James Gunn, Randolph and Gunn have often engaged on X with Gunn allegedly calling her a "liar".
  • Well, Grace Randolph exacted her revenge when she proved Gunn to be an alleged hypocrite by turning his statements against him!
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Grace Randolph is an industry insider who has often broken news and leaks of several things in Hollywood. The reporter is also the archnemesis of James Gunn since the duo has often engaged in public discussions on X (formerly Twitter).


With the world of James Gunn’s DCU in turmoil (much like the real world), Grace Randolph found the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on the director. Proving him to be a liar, Randolph humiliated Gunn on his alleged hypocrisy!

James Gunn
James Gunn and Margot Robbie on the sets of The Suicide Squad

Grace Randolph Is Here To Exact Revenge on James Gunn!

Well, it is a risky business that Grace Randolph has found herself working in. From tips to insiders to information, the network can often be unreliable, and false news can be easily spread across the internet, giving people a wrong impression!

James Gunn with Guardians of the Galaxy cast
James Gunn with the Guardians of the Galaxy cast

In a recent tweet, Randolph revealed some details about a certain DC movie that changed its primary setting from one war zone to another. While hinting at the name of James Gunn, Randolph revealed that the DC movie had changed its locations, something James Gunn had allegedly denied in a tweet some time ago!

And since people remember the time James Gunn allegedly called Randolph a “liar”, they took to X and called out Gunn on his alleged hypocrisy!




So now that you know about the feud between James Gunn and Grace Randolph, let’s talk about the alleged DC movie that will be shifting its settings. With Gunn’s alleged hypocrisy in the mix and a Middle East setting, the film would have been something controversial but it seems that the DCU is changing its plans!

James Gunn, Hypocrisy, And, the Middle East!

James Gunn on the sets of Peacemaker
James Gunn on the sets of Peacemaker

Well, the internet network always leaves a trail behind. The allegations that the people had been talking about were collected as evidence and presented to James Gunn on a platter on X. Talking about the Middle East and Gunn’s alleged decision to change it into a different setting, this tweet says something else.


Before the change in location, the story was connected to Egyptian-American comedian and host Bassem Youssef and how he had to flee to the United States for his controversial opinions. Although there has been no mention of which movie they are talking about, fans are pretty sure that Gunn was only talking about David Corenswet’s Superman: Legacy. With the changes in the location, it seems that the story will change accordingly.

One thing that Gunn has brought upon himself is that people do not trust him as much as they used to once. With his review of The Flash and several other things contradicting his own statements, people wait in excitement as to how Gunn and Safran could pull the DCU through in the future.


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