Industry Insider Proposes a Solution To Marvel’s Impending Doom After Kevin Feige, James Gunn Go Head-to-Head With Superman and Fantastic Four

Industry insider has got a solution for Marvel's 'Fantastic Four' amid the studio's release date clash with DC's 'Superman: Legacy.'

Industry Insider Proposes a Solution To Marvel’s Impending Doom After Kevin Feige, James Gunn Go Head-to-Head With Superman and Fantastic Four


  • Marvel might face a problem with 'Fantastic Four' since DC's 'Superman: Legacy' is releasing just two weeks apart.
  • Sneider said it's not smart for 'Superman: Legacy' and 'The Fantastic Four' to release so close together.
  • The film critic suggests Marvel should shift 'The Fantastic Four' release date to avoid overlapping with 'Superman: Legacy.'
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2025 is the year of superheroes. It’s a fresh start for DC’s on-screen movies—beginning with James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. And even for Marvel’s Phase Six—kicking off with Thunderbolts. In the same year, Marvel and DC will be competing with each other with their superhero flicks. 

Superman: Legacy and Fantastic Four
Superman: Legacy and Fantastic Four

Marvel is facing a problem with the release of Fantastic Four and DC’s Superman: Legacy, which are scheduled just two weeks apart.

This is because DC has gained a strong foothold in the industry, especially with Peter Safran and James Gunn leading. Therefore, a trusted insider, Jeff Sneider has come up with a solution.


An Industry Insider Offers a Strategy to Marvel Against DC’s Movie Blitz

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four casting announcement poster
Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four casting announcement poster

Jeff Sneider pointed out that it’s not feasible for both James Gunn‘s Superman: Legacy (July 11) and Matt Shakman’s The Fantastic Four (July 25) to release within just two weeks of each other. There’s also a new Jurassic World movie coming out in July (July 2).

So, it’s going be tough to fit them all in such a short time span. In his newsletter, The Sneider, the 40-year-old said gave a silver bullet for Marvel’s Kevin Feige to tackle this issue. He noted:

“Superman: Legacy and The Fantastic Four are do-or-die movies for DC and Marvel, respectively, and as strong as those brands usually are at the box office, they can’t afford to take chances right now. Marvel already lost James Gunn to DC, and I understand that the studio won’t just lie down and roll over for Gunn now that its prodigal son has gone off on his own to make his mark on the world with Superman: Legacy.”

Sneider’s way out of the woods for Marvel is to change the release date of The Fantastic Four to avoid conflicting with Superman: Legacy. He notes that since Blade is still set for November 2025, it might affect Marvel’s decision-making process. By moving The Fantastic Four’s release date, both movies could do better at the box office without competing directly.


Marvel Might Follow the Same Strategy Proposed by Jeff Sneider

As per Sneider, Disney is releasing four Marvel movies next year because they believe these films will do well at the box office.

They might move Blade’s release to 2026 or later. Disney could follow their 2016 strategy when they released Doctor Strange in early November and Moana in late November.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Cinematic Universe

So, the studio might do the same by releasing Fantastic Four in early November and Zootopia 2 in late November. This way, they can spread out the releases and avoid overcrowding the market with Marvel movies. It’s just a theory, but Marvel might definitely not want to compete with Gunn’s Superman flick.


Superman: Legacy is scheduled for July 11, 2025 release, and The Fantastic Four is coming out on July 25, 2025.


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